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  1. Old man bartender here… 16 years behind the pine…. How bout we STOP giving advice to rookies who lied their way into a position they can’t handle and most likely don’t deserve. You used to have to earn the position. Now every dumbass with a bartender school certificate thinks they know what the hell they are doing. Not that what we do is rocket science. We put liquid in a cup…. However, there is nothing you can read in a book or on Reddit that can teach you how to multitask 10 orders at once, while maintaining a clean bar, staying on top of dishes, upselling, rocking the well, and giving you’re guests a fun experience. Not trying to be a gatekeeper, but show me some initiative. Be a server/Barback first. Learn the things you should already know before stepping one inch behind the bar. After that I’m happy to pass on the knowledge. We were all taught by someone right?

  2. Ehhh don't fuck with male retics during breeding season. They will go after you and fuck you up if they see you as a challenge. They will chase you in confined spaces. But you were messing with them to begin with

  3. Said by a person whose never shaved a beard or only givin it one hight. I need a full mirror or 3 to get the shape right.

  4. I’m 20 + years in. If you came in cocky and didn’t know shit, I’d have your ass out the door in an hour. If you’re willing to learn, I’ll train you on the fly and we’ll handle business. If you don’t know anything…like, at all…goddamn, you better be funny as shit or able to flirt $100 tips out of the lonely bros/gals. If you can’t contribute or at least be my bar back then ya gotta move on.

  5. Because they don't pay us a living wage.

  6. Don't handle snakes you can't identify, and don't use that grip if you don't know what you're doing, you're likely to hurt the snake and might not avoid a bite either way, their jaws are very flexible

  7. Some snakes can even bite through their jaws just to get you

  8. We are looking at LES! I know a guy who owns a small cocktail bar there who would probably give me a job, but I don’t know if that’s the best option, so I’m just looking for other input.

  9. How far do you live from the city? Can you stop in and check the area out?

  10. Mini, Mustang, Camaro, Saab 9-3, Audi A4, BMW 3 series, is250c, 500 Abarth?

  11. Oh woops forgot. I'm thinking brz/86 interior. Forgot you're a true coupe. Thought you had the rear seats like the g35.

  12. I mean, she was worried about my collapsing morals, and I couldn't well make my mother a liar, could I?

  13. It's just the name. Its a style of brewing that goes like this: add tea to mug. Fill with water. Drink till half full. Add more water. Rinse and repeat until done drinking tea.

  14. Which is why I expressed surprise because I didn’t think the export markup was that high, that’s what I was shocked at

  15. Do you not carry higher end bourbons? What's the cost on them.

  16. the most expensive bourbon we have in my whisky bar is like Woodford Reserve which is like 3.00 on the button

  17. You should still be receiving cash tips the day of unless it's a pool house.

  18. I would think more 1 1 .75 .75 .25 .25

  19. No one said anything about rhiana, it was the other people who said they would let him beat them. Consent.

  20. You're right. They don't get the world of consent non consent. But in this context I would 100% leave it be.

  21. I agree, also, tailored usually means look good but probably not too comfortable,

  22. No. Truly tailored means looking good and comfortable.

  23. Anything with more then 2 shakers in my hands and the shirt has to come off all together

  24. Muskets were 5 1/2 ft long and 20lbs.

  25. Immediately after this video was recorded, she enacted the long-game blood python agenda she was hiding this whole time. She bit him and he exploded, leaving no traces and, of course, no witnesses. Blood calls for blood will always be how they roll!

  26. But then the massive turd shed been building for 6 months decided to make its way into the world. OP sat in wonder until the smell hit them and they died.

  27. Lmao, thankfully, she goes pretty regularly, about every 3 to 4 months.

  28. 3 to 4 months you say? Better tell my retics that don't need to go every week

  29. As a retic keeper... 24ft doesn't just happen. 18+ ft is generally the top end for captive animals without over feeding them. 20ft+ are a lot more rare than people think. Like you need massive genetics and power feed to get there.

  30. Well... Roosevelt put out a reward for a live 30ft snake. That was 50 grand before they discontinued it after decades.

  31. I know I haven’t been to a Derm in over a year so I need a check up to get a script but my insurance blows

  32. You can use an online doctor to refill an old script. I did it when I swapped insurances. It was 40$ plus the cost of the meds. They can also perscribe you something new.

  33. You shouldn’t kill anything because you can imo.

  34. With snakes you're feeding whole adult prey items you should be good without the supplement. If you're feeding whole but immature prey items then add calcium. Soo pinky, add, adult, no need. If the bone structure is established they are getting enough calcium.

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