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  1. Someone on here actually hosted a shiny raid yesterday, doing multiple rounds for people, I was lucky enough to get one. Watch the sub, I'm sure someone else will host a shiny raid eventually.

  2. I haven’t gotten a SINGLE online raid that understands the point and brought an easy Pokémon 😂 they’re all like “let me bring my strongest fighters” FOR WHAT DUDE

  3. As a true Fortnite player, ‘10/10 when I use to it to make a kill’ and ‘1.5/10 when I’m killed with it’.

  4. Not competitive? This is ZB pubs?

  5. There is some " box exploit " with katana :

  6. Yes, cuz there's no other form of mobility right now, and it's no where near as annoying as the hammer.

  7. Why does the look like it fused with the skin...

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