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  1. he's pretty quiet highlight-wise, but he is the missing piece we needed upfront. His hold up play, his aerial presence, the way he constantly takes on two defenders at once and still wins the battle...

  2. Ich hatte ne viel strittigere Szene erwartet, von dem was man davor gehört hat. Auch hier scheinen die Meinungen geteilt zu sein.

  3. Egal ob Rheinhessen oder Pfalz, Hauptsache Baden-Württemberg.

  4. this was an easy win and i shouldnt be mad. but holy fuck this ref lost the game in the last 10 minutes. could and should have been 2 sent offs for hoffenheim. even giving hoffenheim the throw in after it was declared for us and then vogt tried to start aa fight. id like to hear the explanation for this.

  5. Failing to score against a team starting Matriciani should be an achievement in itself

  6. UECL in 23/24 and the DFB Pokal in 27/28. Finished 3rd in the Bundesliga twice and 2nd three times in a row now. Weiper did win the Golden boy and player of the year once, plus topscorer in 25/26.

  7. good luck mate, hope you can finally bring it over the line and get us that Salatschüssel

  8. Finally won it! 2030/31 Bundesliga Champions by 2 points. Last day of the season, 0-3 win over Union away and a crucial 3-1 win for Wolfsburg over Bayern. Made it to the CL semis as well, going out to PSG.

  9. pls no I want to keep our squad together. Genuinely love this team, especially after what we went through under Rouven

  10. Good for you guys. Development goes in the right direction and can see you guys return to an international season in close future.

  11. I'm good without Europe. Still have PTSD from the last 2 times, losing 5 starters and battling relegation in the season after each time lol

  12. Percentage is kinda skewed though to be fair. Most top leagues have 20 teams.

  13. true, though England and France have an additional cup, so one more possible participant if I'm not mistaken. Doesn't fully make up for it but worth mentioning

  14. What a massive disappointment. Completely paralyzed at home and here you lose due to a completely unnecessary penalty, an amateur level GK blunder and a set piece

  15. We still like him a lot. But his elbow in Schick was so obvious earlier, ref and assistants in absolute sleep mode 😂

  16. haha yeah I would have been livid, it was right in front of him as well and Schick was bleeding. Clownshow today lol

  17. Hannover really gotta watch out, they mught slide straight into the relegation battle

  18. surely the squad + Leitl are too strong? I would have thought they'd compete for a promotion spot this season, they're genuinely very unlucky

  19. Who will be the scapegoat today? Seeing as the usual ones didn't play.

  20. I still can't tell what exactly was given as foul here. There was no foul whatsover, only both players running into each other for a brief moment, and Upamecano touching, not even holding the shoulder. Surely that's not a Notbremse?!

  21. Odd, to me this isn't a pull, that's not the way you fall or lose balance after getting your shoulders pulled.

  22. barely? I've watched the slow-mo replay a dozen times and still can't tell if there was any touch at all

  23. He carressed his shoulder very lightly...

  24. Musiala was nowhere near what he is now back when Wirtz was still playing so that "even" is a bit misplaced.

  25. hence why I said 'talent', Musiala was highly regarded at Chelsea already, he's now turned that talent into actual ability on the pitch

  26. Still he wasn't as highly regarded as Wirtz was, purely to the fact that Wirtz had already shown that he can play at a world class level.

  27. I think we're just using different parameters here, I totally agree with you that Wirtz was easily a better player at that time already. I interpret the term 'talent' more as future potential.

  28. Good lord Nathan Jones really is hopelessly out of his depth. One of the worst managerial appointments I can ever remember from a Premier League club.

  29. The board literally said they liked Nathan cause he failed elsewhere before, and had a desire to prove doubters wrong.

  30. Seemed like it worked out at brentford and midtjyland, why isn’t it working with Southampton?

  31. I still believe sacking Ralph was a mistake. They failed to sign a striker heading into the season, and on paper this squad doesn't exactly look like a premier league side either.

  32. He has them playing like old Burnley. Long balls and playing for fouls when they have the ball. Looking to get set piece or jammy goals. 10 men behind the ball in defense. Time waste as much as possible.

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