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  1. Noticed there was Emotional Roadshow era posters on one of the Dema shop facades in Mulberry Street, which I hasn't noticed before!!

  2. Im a nervous wreck but also massively excited. I hope whatever the extra scenes are shown are pertaining to the lore. Im way too invested in the Dema/Trench story lol

  3. That would be so cool! I have a feeling it's most likely gonna be behind the scenes, making-of type stuff, but who knows!!

  4. I see the setlist is a lot of mashups. Are those similar to Heathens/Trees off the livestream, where it transitions to the second song, or are there elements of both that they switch between?

  5. House of Gold / Lane Boy were almost two different songs connected, but there were elements of House of Gold that came back in Lane Boy Ride / Nico and Car Radio / Heathens were mostly those first songs with elements of the second ones laced in! Hope that makes sense!

  6. Okay, I see. So House of Gold/Lane Boy is kinda like Heathens/Trees, while the rest are closer to Lane Boy/Redecorate, where it's mostly the first with elements of the second?

  7. Exactly! House of Gold going into Lane Boy was a transition i did not expect, and it worked really well!!

  8. Perhaps the livestream WAS a figment of his imagination after all? And the beginning and end were true, the rest was just “a blur”

  9. He tried to Jim Jim, but failed to Jim Jim like Jim Jimmed Roy

  10. You can always use the site JustWatch to check what services have it where you live

  11. Yep, good guess! It's between Message Man and Polarize.

  12. I’m so glad i got to hear guns for hands live during the emotional roadshow, i was so sad when they didnt play it during the trench tour

  13. The ‘Takeover’ tour was called that because the band were spending several nights in the same city/area and so were ‘taking it over’. The ‘Icy’ tour looks like it’s a traditional tour that presumably has a more fixed setlist and probably a couple changes to the actual show’s presentation

  14. This, not to mention when they did the Emotional Roadshow and different legs of The Bandito Tour it was a different setlist

  15. yeah i know is it a really good track? it must be if there is so much love towards it.

  16. Personally, it's one of my all time favorites. Actually, when I first listened to Blurryface I didn't care for it, but time can really change your opinion on something.

  17. He puts on an amazing show, saw him when he was touring Modern Tragedy Part II.

  18. It also says orders over $50 get free wrapping paper! They don't specify if it's TOP themed, but I hope it is!

  19. Gotta snag, but does anyone know if these are pre-orders or if they are shipping immediately? It doesn't say they're pre-orders, but it seems odd since a lot of items on the store usually are.

  20. Yeah, I think there was a specific synth missing from the beginning of The Outside when it was performed, but looks like they added it to this release version

  21. Since they did it on the last leg of the Bandito Tour, I think it's less of a missed opportunity and more so them keeping the setlist fresh. They'll even change the set on the same tour which is pretty cool.

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