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  1. You have plenty of food in this city, placing the aqueduct over that lower wheat tile is a small price to pay for the increased IZ adjacency and housing. I often fight myself from removing resources but there really isn’t a reason to always keep them.

  2. Better when it had 8 vanilla. Now it's pretty bland.

  3. Aww. Did they break up? I was sure this would be a lasting bromance.

  4. Neither were all that memorable to me. I forgot about them until now. But I’ll always remember skull kid and the mask itself. I just glad I get to play as the fierce deity mask Link.

  5. I’ve come across this before. Floating 50 blocks above an ocean. I’ve also seen one half buried in a taiga hill in the middle of a forest. There’s usually a chest with a map to buried treasure.

  6. I’m sure there will be a trillion votes by the end. Totally representative of the number of people on earth.

  7. Keep up the anti-gay/trans rhetoric, republicans. Thats going over great with young voters, eh?

  8. My genderfluid niephew (niece/nephew) will be turning 18 in 2024. They are paying attention. They are talking. They will be voting.

  9. And I'm sure they will be a huge contribution to society. Vote all ya want. There are still kids being raised right luckily.

  10. Perhaps, perhaps not? Depends on what you consider “huge contribution to society.” They are going into veterinary medicine, so maybe a medium contribution?

  11. Which also explains why small counties report results so quickly after polls close and counties with millions of votes take days or weeks to count.

  12. I usually always pick the more "Red" version. My cousin who I grew up with would pick the opposite. We have been doing this forever now and kind of "know" who's getting which. I'm getting Scarlet, and he Violet.

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