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  2. Wait someone asked about it 😭

  3. Boys picking the girls because ain't no way these girls picking them

  4. Producers want more drama. 👀

  5. Kai really fumbled Tanyel. Big L

  6. I swear the DNA and culture of this team is good, even if the talent isn't

  7. Christina looks like Kellie Picker

  8. Worried for Brianna's insecurity

  9. What is happening. Why is she crying over this man she met 10 minutes ago

  10. Zara and Olivia teaming up to take down Tom would be scenes

  11. Zara realizing she dodged a bullet

  12. Producer Will set up the drama and immediately rewarded. Proper dog training

  13. Enough with the injuries man

  14. That music in the background is wild

  15. Commercial comedy is the worst comedy bro

  16. Bengos gonna win aren't they

  17. Never bet on a weird game lol

  18. Eagles gonna make their bettors sweat, I guess lol

  19. the timeline where Jimmy G wins Superbowl is being set up fr

  20. If 49ers win this it's some Moneyball shit

  21. Shanahan will glue pieces of this offense together and make it work somehow

  22. Cooper Manning getting roasted by these ladies

  23. Worst day for NBA PR in a while lol

  24. Oh fuck, it's like that? Let's go AD

  25. It has to be bad for other fans to side with Lakers fans

  26. Refs really live by the “No such thing as bad publicity” motto, don’t they

  27. This might be the most viral bad call by a referee we've seen in a while. Lebron's emotional reaction, Pat Bev with the camera. Woof.

  28. Hopefully we can pull this off.

  29. Ron don't get yourself voted off 😭

  30. Lana it's time to fight back

  31. Ellie has no filter but its also measured

  32. Pelinka get back on the phone bruh

  33. The "Ham is ass" crowd might be right, damn

  34. This mfer has Pat Bev, Schroder and Westbrook rn. One of them playing forward

  35. You've gotta have confidence and some personality to make that work, could be a good thing for sure

  36. All comes down to his banter but he's got the looks for sure

  37. Ellie got the right energy going in. Hope she's not playing around in the First Look tomorrow

  38. Everyone's hyping Ellie. I hope she delivers 😩

  39. Ellie is Ron's weakness 😭

  40. Nah hes kinda hot. Let him cook

  41. Don't think the Aussies will shake things up too much.

  42. Australian and UK relations hinges on this next episode ngl

  43. Tom and Tanya going home would send the villa and the nation into spiral

  44. Olivia and Zara bringing the drama. Deserved

  45. Okay some good drama here... We need a clincher though

  46. No season preview has gotten me like the fence jump one

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