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  1. You can't even leave the town, this is basically indentured servitude. Think I'd rather be an independent tutor

  2. That gorilla clearly just ate a large meal, and is now looking for the nearest bathroom.

  3. He’s got the old man look of “what the fuck did I come in this room for again?”

  4. I can think of all kinds of crazy shit they did “back in the day”. Like when my aunt had a wound on her arm, so they showed it to her head as a skin graft. Or when my grandma went on vacation, she’d just stop taking her meds.

  5. I remember trying a $500 pen at a leblanc pens shop in NYC, didn't write the first few strokes. Never had that issue with cheap pens unless it was a dried up bic

  6. This clip is old af. I remember seeing it on Tosh.0 mid 2000s

  7. When has a street in China ever been that empty? Except for filming days of choreographed driving

  8. Why would he pull his pants up right before a suicide attempt? I wouldn’t think someone who is suicidal would be thinking about that.

  9. If he doesn’t, well then he is just despicable.

  10. Definitely, but also that would be a nightmare to hide. Imagine carrying your broomstick to the bathroom and trying to explain if you're caught!

  11. “We’re playing bathroom quidditch, professor…it’s like street hockey…”

  12. If I had this in my garden I'd grow a little moss graffiti to give him some happy tail/pubes

  13. So many tv preachers perform like a standup comedian. Like the only way to justify themselves is to mock the thing with gestures and noises.

  14. This reminds me of an interview with a British politician saying 'I will not accept that there is anything wrong with the road" in a spot known for having a ton of accidents, then an accident happened on film.

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