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  1. If we get an anime Owl House, I want Vee and Hunter to look just like this

  2. Neil, you aren't kissing yourself, you are kissing the mirror.

  3. Congratulations. You’ve out-smarted one of the smartest men alive

  4. Plot twist: that last panel was billions of years into the future

  5. Poor Arceus never stood a chance against Atreus

  6. “I must go. My fire people need me!

  7. How Ridiculous do y’all have to be?

  8. Why’d the chicken cross the road?

  9. Facial hair Hunter Vs no-facial hair Hunter

  10. Now we can see Rayla’s disgruntled face better

  11. Won’t be much of an archer anymore

  12. Imagine taking a shit and a seahorse comes up and just watches

  13. Bringing my racist father to meet my black girlfriend be like:

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