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  1. The rest of the world: "Mass shooting is terrible. Let's tighten our gun laws so that there will be fewer crazies being able to own guns so easily and kill large numbers of people within 1 minute."

  2. There'd be less domestic gun violence in Florida, if fewer people had guns in Florida

  3. God bless him and people like him. They are what make America a better place.

  4. The comment section is totally what you'd expect for youtube. The guy is shutting down his own store because he doesn't want to sell a gun from his store that will be turned on kids in a mass shooting, and the right wingers there are still mad.

  5. Fuck em. Those bastards have no compassion and hearts for their fellow citizens. They value gun rights over public safety and other people's lives. Why do you think they bend their knees regarding abortion and books but very little compromise for tools designed to kill and injure living beings?

  6. What does this do for the greater good?

  7. It's to exercise the right to brandish your gun and intimidate people who disagree with it. If you're lucky, you can murder them and get away with it, because you have the right to do so.

  8. We're on the cusp of Christians declaring guns a religious right.

  9. Except it already is, ever since 2008.

  10. I haven’t noticed a difference. On the internet, sure, but in person it’s just as taboo as ever. There’s no way a 13 year old would be allowed to see nudity/sex in theaters.

  11. If that's true, then it's unfortunate and disappointing. It's sad that it's America of all Western countries that does this. Even teens in Canada and Australia, two Anglophone countries, can watch films that have profanity, sex and nudity.

  12. I agree 9-year-olds shouldn't be allowed. What I'm referring to are 13-year-olds. As I've said in my post, do you think sex and nudity should be age-appropriate for 13-year-olds (in a healthy and normal context, not rape or sexual abuse) in movies? That they should be rated PG-13 instead of R rated?

  13. I bet it's because of f-bombs. American prudishness pisses me off.

  14. The King's Speech got given an R rating in the US because of the f-bombs. Absurd.

  15. Right? We can show horrific beatings and murders but natural sex and swearing? Unacceptable.

  16. But India is missing the second part of the message: Switzerland works, and it doesn't have an authoritarian government who's flirting with apartheid and genocide.

  17. Yep. For instance, Switzerland never faced the Francophone problems that Canada and Belgium faced.

  18. Yes, tell us again how the myriad of school shootings are all gang violence. Please, I await your credible source to back up that claim.

  19. Not to mention, an American is 20 times more likely to be murdered by a gun compared to residents of the G7 nations plus Australia. Speaks volumes about what is wrong with America.

  20. I think it's a non starter with the current electorate, but every day that passes people who didn't experience constant gun violence as children are passing away, and kids who have grown up with it being their number one cause of death are becoming voters.

  21. It is a non-starter, but what choice do we have? Passing any gun legislation can be easily struck down by SCOTUS as unconstitutional while loosening gun laws and proliferating guns across the country is acceptable, never mind that America has the highest gun murder rates in the advanced democratic world, as evidenced by the rampant mass shootings taking place every day. It left us with no other choice but to go straight to the 2A itself. It will greatly deprive SCOTUS and the NRA of the immense power that holds Americans captive to the never-ending cycle of gun violence through the unfettered gun right.

  22. Mississippi spent the money, created targets and provided resources to help achieve those targets.

  23. I think it can be considered a miracle that something like this can happen in the poorest state.

  24. V. (1963): Roughly 2-3 years. I believe He worked on it for as long as he was working at Boeing, because after he received his advance money he quit his job and moved to Mexico where the cheap price of living meant he could really make the $10,000 advance he got last.

  25. Ugh it is so awful that you have to go through this, but holy shit am I proud that my state can be a place where people feel safe and comfortable raising their families. It's really terrible that our country has come to this.

  26. The latest legislative session just accomplished the most sweeping changes anywhere in the country since maybe the New Deal. I am not exaggerating.

  27. I understand why people don’t support defunding the police, I do. but something that this movement had me thinking about is the other part of the slogan, which is investing in communities. A lot of crime happens because of poverty, lack of economic, educational opportunities, and other services, such as mental health services. I think investing in communities to reduce crime can’t be separated from this conversation.

  28. I agree. Both this and police reform definitely must happen.

  29. The riots affected the city in a number of ways and we’re certainly in a slump. But you only have to hear from someone elsewhere in the country - comparatively, most of our issues are small. Thank your lucky stars we didn’t turn into Baton Rouge, or Newark or a great number of other places.

  30. How is the city doing right now? Do you think it can recover and move on (from the riots, I mean)?

  31. If you don't mind me asking, what do you like about the city? I'm actually thinking of making Minneapolis my future home.

  32. It is good although the pages are so thin that you can see the subsequent page through

  33. Yeah, this is my main gripe with UK editions. They tend to be stiff as a brick and the papers are very thin/poor/cheap quality.

  34. Well, that is what you learned. Think the OP was looking to drive discussion on all opinions. I absolutely agree with the defunding the police and a lot of progressive stances on crime do hurt the lower income communities.

  35. This problem is worsened due to the FPTP plurality system. The solution is switch to

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