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  1. It’s fine I just say a little prayer for your intestines as this drink turns into a la minute yogurt as it slides down your esophagus

  2. You didn’t do anything wrong, I just wouldn’t have texted this issue especially while they were working on the floor

  3. Unless you spent a small fortune, your at home espresso machine will never be able to create enough consistent pressure to pull full bodied, concentrated shots like a commercial machine :-( sorry friend. Does she like them hot or iced? If iced then I have a follow up suggestions.

  4. Check out the Pinellas park farmers & flea market on the weekends for produce and especially fruits for way cheaper than in store 💕 get the beef jerky and sticky rice from the food stands too :)

  5. What are the location and opening/closing times for this market? And is it seasonal?

  6. I believe 7am-2pm Saturday and Sunday. Only seasonal in the way that the produce changes with the seasons :)

  7. Are you talking about my ugly christmas dresses that are made to be ugly? 😂

  8. Ollie get off this app, you owe it to yourself to distance yourself from an unregulated onslaught of unsolicited opinions and even more so, from the need to defend or explain yourself. You act with integrity, nothing you do hurts anyone. Enjoy your family, your followers and your hobbies. You deserve it. Sign off. Love u

  9. I'm sure the servers beg the restaurants to stay open. They're not like regular people who want national holidays off to spend time with their loved ones. They're just stoked to help take the burden off of others with more financial mobility.

  10. Narrow mind. There are numerous reasons people would rather work than endure their toxic family on holidays

  11. People have friends, pets, churches etc or just being at home. it's gross to suggest that someone chooses service to you instead of time off.

  12. My comment doesn’t assume anything except that some people want to work on holidays

  13. Seconding Pinellas park farmers and flea. My dragonfruit guy gives me a case of 45 ish for $20 or less. Absolutely love it there as someone who consumes 80% of their calories in fruit

  14. I met my goal weight around a month ago 🥹 thank you for reminding me of my success!

  15. Are there other aspects to your personality aside from trying to make people feel bad about how they look?

  16. Sweet potato, white potato (microwaved till soft) nooch, ACV (or pickled jalapeño juice if you want a more nacho taste), sautéed garlic onion and tomato, salt and and blend

  17. They definitely don’t care if they lose your business

  18. What about profiling them based on fatal mauling statistics?

  19. I guess they didn’t hear about the toddler and 6 month old in Tennessee

  20. Can you just use the full pack of each and save the other half for the next night? Or would the texture get gross?

  21. I actually haven’t tried it Edited to add I think it’d be fine

  22. I tried this today and I must have messed something up, it’s thick and sticky and takes up 1/4 of the space it originally did! Also my calorie calculation was a bit higher, 340. I used my stand mixer, not sure if that’s why. Any thoughts?

  23. Either way here are the secrets- cut ginger, a head of garlic and an onion in half lengthwise (nice big pieces with lots of surface area) and BURN these veggies in the bottom of your pot. Once burned, deglaze by Adding water and bouillon of choice depending on dietary preference, add in peppercorns, star anise pod, cinnamon stick and a little bit of sugar (but probably more than you think). Strain out the veggies and spices. Voila! Faux pho broth!

  24. Thanks! How much bouillon would you generally put in?

  25. You’re going to need to start with a small amount, taste and adjust as you go. It depends on a lot of factors including personal preference!

  26. There are several co-working spaces that could fit this need.

  27. Depends on what kind of videography we’re talking about

  28. Yeah sure at 1800 a month you can live anywhere in a studio in this he'll hole

  29. That’s what I pay for a 3bd 2bath in a gated community so idk about this

  30. Wow I have quarts worth of sugar apple seeds and now I know what to do with them

  31. You say specific cuts like a chicken doesn't have like five parts you can get out of it

  32. Yeah…. Five different parts with five different culinary uses. Butchering a chicken is a skill that a lot of folks do not possess and this isn’t the place to discount it

  33. Does it refresh? Like by the start of your next year for example?

  34. Never, your corrective actions stay valid as long as you’re employed

  35. Incorrect, they stay on file forever and can be referenced in any coaching conversation up to separation. They can only be used to block a transfer or promotion for 6 months

  36. Gotcha. Order a caramel Frappuccino, 2 shots of espresso and no Frappuccino roast. They'll likely be concerned that you want the shots for free as a substitute for the Frappuccino roast, which we aren't allowed to do, so you might have to reassure them that you know it'll cost extra for the 2 shots.

  37. It is actually free to sub this. Kind of like how a decaf frap isn’t an upcharge even tho it’s ‘spro

  38. Really? I thought that made sense, but my DM & SM both said we have to charge. We had a regular who got espresso instead of Frappuccino roast that doesn't come by anymore because of it.

  39. I believe it’s in the beverage resource manual which is now on the iPad

  40. I want to argue over the semantics of the term crustless quiche but I’ll just tell you it looks scrumptious instead

  41. Yes, I gave it, but honestly, even if I didn't, and he woke me up this way, I see two scenarios: either I'm enjoying it and we proceed, or I decide it's not my cup of tea, tell him to stop and he stops. That's it. Like, it's my boyfriend and we have an overall healthy relationship, I can't really wrap it around my head how and why would I report him for waking me up with sex, even if we didn't discuss it prior...

  42. There’s overarching consent here though. You’re OK with him trying and feel comfortable telling him no, some people don’t feel that way

  43. Racer, Coluber constrictor. Completely !harmless consumer of rodents, lizards, snakes, frogs, insects, and other small animals.

  44. Makes sense since we have hundreds of small lizards and frogs around!

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