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  1. Imagine if we've got a set piece threat again. That's a huge aspect of the game we've been severely lacking this year. Corners, free kicks are horrific wastes most of the time

  2. Also Ale up north as it takes time to settle

  3. Difference is, for some reason up north they insist on pushing the beer through tiny holes (the sparkler), which gives the beer a weird John Smith's style mouth feel, but keeps the head all the way down (a la Carling premier) whereas down south It comes out naturally. Lived 20 years in South and 25 in North, but I always ask for the sparkler to be taken off up here.

  4. Well if last winter/spring is any measure, not well

  5. Yeah, but last winter/spring, they had their 'good' vehicles, this year they're in mainly 1970s kit at best

  6. Up voting reddit's most accurate post title in history

  7. In the UK People often don't move if they're at a red light when they've got an ambulance behind them, as though they think they'll get a ticket

  8. There's a lot of bare hands near a lot of stampy spinny things

  9. It's the most literal definition of terrorism. Trying to Archive a political goal by fear.

  10. Uk here, I've never heard that we wanted to help the Germans, happy to be edumacated if you've got a decent link?

  11. The drone footage of Russian's shitting themselves after eating the sugar-free gummy bears would make for great highlight-reels. Assuming the -2 degree weather didn't freeze the gummies so solid, they shatter the teeth of anybody trying to eat them.

  12. I mean... their bark is worse than their bite.

  13. Bark being the operative word, because what teeth they have are probably wooden. They don't have dentists, they have carpenters

  14. There are still some rat bastard companies who do business with russia. They just do so under a different name. Some do so even under their real name. They need to be destroyed for funding terrorism.

  15. Schattdecor sound like they do all their business in russia

  16. This. there are banking and insurance practices that will be forbidden by certain countries to offer to russians based on this designation as I understand it. These are already in play with the sanctions but will remain as long as the designation is in place.

  17. Once they can't fund and insure shipping, their income is fucked

  18. So much bonemeal in the soil. Gonna be a great harvest next year!

  19. Indefensible terrorism. How would the RuZZ like that to be Moscow or St Petersburg??

  20. Unless it affects them directly, they don't really care. It's like another shovel-full over shit being chucked onto the massive steaming pile of shit that is life in Russia if you're not in the elite. If you're in the elite, your steaming pile of shit is riddled with lies, paranoia and loneliness. Still, they've come this far, no point turning back now, just keep trudging mindlessly to oblivion.

  21. But man, those 2 pee nights? I wake up feeling like I'm in my late twenties again. Lol

  22. Man, you got it so good. A decent night's sleep for me is not leaping out of bed and finding myself in the middle of the floor, sometimes in pain.

  23. So, if you’re in a ship moving at a sufficient percentage of the speed of light…

  24. How about a hovercraft? They're pretty fast, plus, you won't run out of ocean

  25. Same and then immediately went to "how the fuck he painting like that at 14".

  26. Mate, I'm 44 and can barely draw a stickman. My 4 year old takes the piss out of my shitty attempts to draw

  27. True. Nuke explosions are looking beautiful too, when watched from REALLY far away.

  28. Can confirm. Had a poster of one on my bedroom wall as a kid

  29. He literally chose the worst time in history to do this. Right after a pandemic with already a populations in trouble. "Uuuh lets send all our men out to die in a war, that should solve the populations crisis."

  30. He's planning for the future. Putin 6.0 will thank him for solving a future pensions crisis

  31. I’m a dad and OK with dad jokes. Thank you kind sir.

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