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  1. Ok, but it’s still the size of a medium small dog and won’t typically attack humans. Not saying it’s not aggressive.. but unless you’re a chicken or toddler perhaps.. the main danger there is gonna be maybe some cuts and rabies.

  2. You know they can fuck up a lion, correct? You'd lose immediately.

  3. No they can’t. They can attack it and the lion realizes it’s out of its goddamned mind and chooses not to engage. Go google ffs.

  4. Your answer was a panda bear to this question and you're telling me you can beat a honey badger. If it's threatened by you, you're a goner. "Badgers can generate a 108 BFQ, which is greater than an American black bear with only 64, and a brown bear with 78."

  5. I'd like their streaming feature to come back

  6. Rpan - Reddit Public Access Network. It was a front page feature you could flip through like channel surfing. Reddit slowly fazed it out by removing it from the front page and ultimately terminated it. It was fun, people would give walking tours from different parts of the world, there were all kinds of musicians and djs, people would share their pets, game, just chat, workout, etc.

  7. Miley Cyrus sounds like a teenage boy who inhaled helium

  8. Buckwheat for a grain alternative. I love it by itself with some salt and a bit of butter or oil, but you can do a lot of other things with it.

  9. "To Americans, why don't you do what the rest of the world does"

  10. Yoga can improve posture. Better posture, if that's something you stuggle with, can definitely make you taller

  11. Porn cock. Massive dick is kinda rare. 😮‍💨

  12. My ex's dick was huge, but he didn't know how to use it. It could get painful easily from just insertion. My partner's cock is smaller, but he has way more sexual energy. It is definitely not the size that counts! (Another ex, the one I have sex with since my partner and I are polyamorous, has the smallest dick I have been with - definitely smaller than average - yet when him and I meet up, fireworks fly and I cum easily)

  13. I've only experienced full body, leg shaking orgasms with a partner I had who was packing 9". To each their own.

  14. People who say "I'm a dog person. Cats are assholes." If a cat thinks you're an asshole they're gonna be assholes to you. I trust a cat's judgement.

  15. People who say "if my pet doesn't like you, I don't like you." Volunteer at an animal shelter and you'll learn that sometimes pets are horrible judges of character.

  16. People who judge animals in shelters who've been failed by assholes.

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