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  1. So happy for Morph, he makes the most amazing videos!

  2. Why can't you leave them that high? Why can't you shoot them down? I'm only asking cause you have an entire acre of room and not a porch or a confined backyard...

  3. "I found a hornets nest encroaching on my property about a mile back, had to take that bitch down."

  4. If you can make this run well on Steam Deck I'll prolly never put it down

  5. My OCD requires you to switch your joycon controllers so that the curvature of the controllers matches the curvature of the case

  6. Hey, thanks for awarding me UEC for completing these missions! Now if you could please STOP REMOVING THINGS FOR ME TO SPEND MY MONEY ON!!!!

  7. cool, sounds like they found an issue. Now fix the game

  8. Looks really bad rn from orbit. Like a big glowy square visible from everus. At night I mean. Haven't checked it out during the day

  9. you just need to find the right actor or person you admire that shares similar features to get rid of those negative feelings about it. If you focus on an actor that doesn't share features and keep saying you'd like to look like them you'll keep disliking your features. Remember that wide jaw you don't like is the jaw other people want. You immediately remind me of Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones with a very similar face shape and hair color. Even if he played a psycho the dude is undeniably good looking and by extension, you are too.

  10. Being tall makes it absolutely terrifying... For my opponents. HEMA - I prefer longsword. Huge advantage height gives. I don't like to compete. Just sparring within class.

  11. I'm the tallest guy at my club at 6'1 and I can't imagine going up against someone 6'10. Sounds terrifying like you said.

  12. Art by Ambre Hema gear. Forearms are thin and can take a solid hit. You can also order them in your ideal length.

  13. I own these and they are great! Only thing I changed was replacing the string with something less elastic

  14. I swapped my 400i for my corsair, can't say what I'll finish up with though. The cargo area is a huge plus vs the shit cargo elevator on the 400i. I also really love the armory, airlock, and elevator personally. God it flies like shit though. Floodlights

  15. And that's how someone nice with a lot of "friends" becomes an introvert who hates to invite people at home.

  16. More like an Amazon thing. Lady is wonder woman

  17. Sasha Sloan - Only Child. First song that popped into my head even though it'd been over a year since i listened to it so i guess I had to use it

  18. Also, im allowed to buy space ships with enough firepower to raze a moon, but no store carries a sniper rifle, grenade launcher, or railgun. Somehow there are infinite of them being made and distributed in random red boxes in specific buildings and around wrecked ships though!

  19. and why are couple of shots from a handheld railgun more devastating than multiple shots of a much larger ship gun?

  20. More can fit on the earth?? What, do they stack themselves vertically like a parking garage?

  21. It's even worse against newbies. Because while they don't care about doubles, you do. So you start an attack and then see that they don't care to defend themselfs and are trying for a double instead.

  22. I feel like this is where the "doubles are rude" idea comes from

  23. Player experience in a test environment is fundamentally less important than the act of testing. It's only important that player experience is good enough that people don't stop testing. If the population drops to less than the minimum required for testing then we can worry, but I see no sign of that happening.

  24. This isn't slave labor, you need to keep us happy if you want to keep us around. You'll wish you made the game more fun when all your testers leave

  25. Do you own a real feder? that would be tremendous reference for texturing, but on the modeling side, very nice ;)

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