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  1. You're lucky! Mine will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday!!! 😭😭😭😭 Post pics when you get home!

  2. I got it off eBay it’s from the bear factory that was in the uk I believe the bear factory isn’t around anymore tho

  3. So frogs have a string that makes their heads less massive it’s called thread sculpting and they have a strong basically pulling down their head that be what that is ur frog will be ok without it but will just have a bigger head

  4. I think they are, they're really easy to carry as well. Sometimes it's hard to tell they're there. They look really cute too. You can get them on the website or places like vinted, ebay and maybe Facebook too.

  5. Omg what?!? Snatching that’s horrible looks like I’ll be wearing mine in the front from now on

  6. This lovely little friend was not a UK-exclusive, but was released world-wide (but not in the US); it is the 2006 Festive Sparkle Teddy Red (SKU 011127). There is also a green version that made a lovely little pair. <3

  7. Iv seen her pop up three or two times this year on merceria u should save searches on there it might help

  8. I actually rlly like the paws I think it’s super cute but you can also remove them if u dislike them a ton just will take a lot of time and patience

  9. I love the Cubscription frog the size and long fur just is amazing I also love the devil bear and legit dreaming on an angel bear to match my devil bear

  10. I had this panic it’ll come stuffed if u didn’t specifically click unstuffed :3

  11. That’s so mean he’s so cute tbh I rlly want a mini green from this year bc I love their facial expressions more then last years

  12. Omg Your fursona (pls tell me if this is not the term bc I am not super familiar with the terms) is so fricking cute

  13. Not sure if I was imagining it, but someone in Instagram said the pumpkin kitty might come October.

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