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  1. Oh yeah, I bent pins on one of my cpus because of that. Quick tip: before removing heat sink from cpu; run the system for like 10 minutes, then when you are taking off the heat sink, twist and turn instead of pull to take it off.

  2. I haven't bent any of my pins. thank God! though some thermal paste got between the pins on the edge somehow.

  3. Soft bristle toothbrush and 90 percent alcohol will take it right off.

  4. Wish Google would provide us with an option to hide the gesture navigation pill. That's going to burn in so quick...

  5. Back in the old days everyone had MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Chat, and others. You needed an app like Trillian to aggregate them all. Because people would try to use what the people they communicated with were using.

  6. why are the videos so blurry that you're sending me??? it must be YOUR fault because YOU have an android

  7. Your Ethernet is an rj45 cable. What you have there is an rj11, aka land line telephone cable.

  8. I recently bought both an Acer and HP. my Acer came with it and the HP didn't.

  9. ok here's my 3d print. print it for yourself I put a lot of effort into it.

  10. I need subtitles. It sounded like she asked if the girl did something with her "corn holey"

  11. PS: Don't plug this into your windows machine, if you're concerned with safety the best thing you could do would he to boot into a live linux environment, image it, copy it over to another drive.

  12. Can we all appreciate the image on their website showing off their desktop/how to use the software.

  13. Not nice of you to cut off the source logo.

  14. I drive a sleeper so most people don't know unless they listen for the engine sound. I had a guy in a mustang try to race one time and was angry that he got beat by a dinky little Honda. (straight line, clear visibility. I wouldn't have done it if I thought it was unsafe) Ended up getting aggressive later on so I had to take an alternate route because I didn't want to be around him.

  15. Some dude just tried something similar and I just have a janky base terrain. Dude got smoked because as soon as he revved up he just spun into 3 other cars.

  16. ouch. People need to learn how to control the power under their wheels better.

  17. The difference between upgrading this PC and buying a new one is about 50$ for the case. SSD will be a life changer but wont let you run newer games. getting a 1050 gpu might open up a few more games.

  18. the thing that everyone is neglecting to mention is that a new GPU will likely require a new PSU (power supply) for a build that old.

  19. 6 years? Hard to say without actually knowing what PSU it is. I've worked at a repair shop for longer than that and rare is the day I see a desktop in my shop that doesn't have at least one 6-pin PCI-E graphics connector. Even on the prebuilds.

  20. I'm talking about wattage. it looks kind of like a prebuilt and those don't usually have a lot of overhead for power

  21. I tried and got this downloaded on my Linux Mint machine but I'm not sure how to run it. I have scrcpy working on my machine but not sure how to launch the Scrcpy Plus GUI. Using Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon.

  22. make sure that you have ADB and SCRCPY installed on your Linux machine. Download the latest supported Linux version from the 'Releases' section and run the binary.

  23. Sorry, recent console graduate here. How does one do this? I have a 500Gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD, would that help improve the loading speed of the games I have on my HDD?

  24. Thanks for the info! I just got a new NVME that I want to use as a boot drive so maybe turning my SSD into a cache might be a good idea. Can the cache handle multiple drives or just one HDD?

  25. one drive is able to cache as many other drives as you want. I just don't cache my SSD because I only use it for my OS and apps that I don't care about speed and care more about stability

  26. my local EXXON also has this. It's leaded fuel so DO NOT put it in your car. Modern cars don't require leaded fuel because the engines are built to run without the lead lubricant. Burning lead also is very harmful for the environment which is why we moved away from it.

  27. What is the URL of this documentation?

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