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  1. You mean the snake form cloak? Or the clothes you see on her human form?, because those are noble clothes you can find some by hermit merchant item list.

  2. actually you can find the green noble dress in leyndell

  3. Elden ring, man the soul game formula became old on me, i just didn't like the stories of the npcs, finding them was hide and seek, they just give2 lines of dialogue then going to another area, and each one of them has to end in a terrible way because fuck them that why.

  4. I totally miss when the story was about legendaries and how they had powerful presence and you capture them.

  5. Turn every drawing into an action figure, i do like some arts.

  6. Add voiceovers to world quests, weapon exchange system atleast between the standard weapons( for example trading a skyward atlas to a skyward blade)

  7. Don't think they would ever add voice over to those because players have already completed many, i think an easier solution would be adding something like sound notes when letter appears to voice npcs just like the one from animal crossing or something just not squeaky.

  8. Kaeya. I want Khaenri'ah flashbacks

  9. My boi khaenri'ans got necrosis while transforming into hillbillies, i don't know if he want to relive the trauma.

  10. How about chongyun because there is very little we know about him, people see him as xingqiu shadow while hoyoverse see him as kaeya shadow.

  11. Trade chat is nothing like the casual or pro players areas. Trade chat is it's own little dark stock market day trader style of realm.

  12. Should I abandon ship while there's still a chance

  13. Everyone saying it would be a gun but i think the closest one to be real is something like bitball styled combat just like the one from xenoblade 2, you kick the catalyst to deal damage lol.

  14. Lisa always has glasses in Ekusu his art, it's his trademark

  15. The only boss in the game that force me to break using X only runs, very annoying to get to, have horde of enemies before his gate so you don't buff before fight, worst enemies as a support, lame move set yet high damage, keep you away from super important area with load of buffs.

  16. I think it was mentioned on disgaea 1, around 1400-1300 if i remember correctly, flonne around 1500 and laharl is younger than both.

  17. I would rather have them do memes like this over spoilers and lame tierlists, pls dont stop people just don't make repatitive ones.

  18. I swear this thing haunted my dreams as a kid

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