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  1. I like Amphibia but the one that is more like the original is a little more like a different color and the other is more of an old version but the other is more a little bit darker but the one that’s the same as a new color and I like it a little more.

  2. Rush ambush seek figure snare a 90 A-60 A-120 halt seek window guiding light curious light

  3. Nah bro that ain't Jeff The Killer that's Jeff The Kisser 💀💀💀

  4. I was dissapointed when I found out "bat genetics" was a typo.

  5. Meanwhile me who has no place for non combat accessories (I have wings, my charm of myths, my mana cloak, my sorcerer emblem, my terraspark boots and one more thing).

  6. I never knew this was something I needed to see till now.

  7. There are multiple birthstones for each zodiac sign.

  8. What vanity did you use for your character? I really like it!

  9. I can’t remember off of the top of my head, I’ll give you a list next time I get on.

  10. ⭕️ I think Sonic.exe just looks slightly off with the face

  11. They will randomly start screaming about capybaras at any time with no warning whatsoever.

  12. They are uncannily good at recognizing colors like the exact hex code just by looking at it.

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