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The Zephyr Patch

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Ayato Gunnhildr - General Discussion and Questions Thread

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Keqing Cosplay

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  1. I don't think it's a "nerf" if this is what the Asian server is also on. Our server just got "lucky" to have the rates increased and they put it back where it was supposed to be. I haven't seen evidence otherwise.

  2. It was confirmed the Asian servers had the pre-nerf rates as well but now they reduced the rates on those servers too.

  3. Sad news everyone: They decreased the hatching rate from wish tags drastically with the 6/8 update. This company is shady AF...

  4. is yoi/ben/yun/beidou a good team? if not, who should i replace beidou with? fischl and zhongli r on a different team so i cant really use them.

  5. I don't know if it's the most optimal but I think it's super fun to have 2 counters on the team and it's not a bad overload comp.

  6. Hello will a mono team of ganyu (support), shenhe, and ayaka main dps with kokomo work on abyss? I’ve been playing ganyu and it made me take a break for a longtime cause of how her charge dps works, and then I got ayaka and the game went from boring to fun instantly.

  7. That team runs pretty well for me in the abyss but I use Jean instead of Kokomi for a VV shred healer.

  8. Recently I've been wanting to experiment with different Yoimiya team comps. My standard team has been [Yoimiya, Bennett, Zhongli, Xingqiu]

  9. I like to run Yunjin, Beidou (needs lots of ER), Bennett, and Yoimiya for the double counter lolz. Replace Beidou with Zhongli and you have another good comp.

  10. I don't normally give a shit about furniture, but I want one of those little Raiden dolls at the end of the Event.

  11. I'm pretty sure it's a reward for a quest unlocked today.

  12. someone told me a moment ago that xinyan's shield stats are based on the active char's def and not hers. Just looking for confirmation.

  13. Xinyan's base shield stats come from her own def. Shield Strength is a stat is based on the active character. The more shield strength the current character has, the more damage reduction the current shield has.

  14. She's really smooth to play. Her sprint animation is faster than Mona's and I never have stamina issues with her.

  15. We have a reliable leak stating Ayato will be paired with

  16. Fischl, Beidou, Yanfei, and Bennett for an overload team. You can sub Xingqui for Beidou as well.

  17. I wouldn't trust this at all... You can manually input constellations for each character on this website.

  18. I mean you aren't gaining nothing from c6ing him though. You get the pyro infusion which is great on Diluc and other pyro characters who are able to make use of it, plus iirc it also gives an overall 15% pyro damage bonus in general, which is great for any pyro DPS, even the one's that can't make use of the infusion (ex. Yoimiya, Yanfei, Klee, etc).

  19. c6 Bennet only gives the 15% pryo damage bonus to sword, claymore, and polearm users. I would have c6ed him a long time ago otherwise for my Klee and Yoimiya. lol It's still good if you use Diluc or Xiangling though.

  20. That is actually a typo/mistranslation in the English! The bonus is for all weapon types while the infusion is for the ones mentioned (I just checked Keqing mains to make sure!)

  21. Thanks for letting me know! I'll have to check that out myself. That's a major typo that hasn't been addressed since launch then... Wow Mihoyo

  22. Who's the better ayaka battery/subdps/noblesse holder against single targets? Kaeya c3 or rosaria c2 or chongyun c6?

  23. Chongyun is an undervalued sub dps for Ayaka. His C2 gives CD reduction for skills and bursts and gives attack speed bonus. After his skill expires, it also applies Cryo res down.

  24. That makes sense but also a little disappointing if you want both weapons. Basically, you have a 50/50 chance of guaranteeing yourself a dupe (which isn't always bad depending on which weapons you want I suppose?)

  25. It's always in your best interest to use the Epitomized Path system even if you want both weapons. Say if you pick Jade cutter and get it as your first 5*, the Path will reset and then you can pick the catalyst as your next Path weapon. Alternatively, if you picked Jade cutter and get an off banner weapon or the catalyst twice, you'll have a guaranteed Jade Cutter lined up.

  26. I have a question about Epitomized Path

  27. It won't give you Epitomized Path points from pulling 5 stars unless you have it set to one of the two options.

  28. I use her for my reverse melt Ganyu team with Bennett and Xiangling because I don't have great anemo options. I like Ganyu to be shielded, get more particles for cryo and the extra crit rate from the resonance. Also nice to have double reassurance for heals on top of what Bennett does. Diona is great.

  29. That's exactly my Ganyu team too. Double healers work pretty well with all the corrosion now. If only I could get my Diona to c6, she'd be even more useful for the reverse melt comp too!

  30. What's wrong with refining Sacrificial Fragments? Sucrose is really the only one it's great on.

  31. Imagine never condensing your resin just for this flex. Living in 1.0 XD

  32. Make a new account. This is your no-wish account. Never use your primogems, only wish with fates that are rewarded to you. You will start to experience the joy of hoarding primogems, which is much more satisfying. Even when you're not playing the game, somewhere in the back of your head, you remember that you have a shitton of primogems and that makes you feel powerful and capable, yet dormant. It is unlike the sudden rush of wishing, which is fleeting and disappointing, leaving you nauseous and weak. You feed, nurture and care for your pile of primogems, and watch them grow into tens of thousands.

  33. lmao! I do this but it's just replacing the gambling addiction with a hoarding one haha

  34. Ayaka wears wet socks. I wouldn't want her feet touching me.

  35. I'm not surprised. It would make no sense otherwise.

  36. Yes! Xingqiu can not get away from people butchering his name lol

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