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Most reliable cars under $10k in Canada

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  1. A sitcom about 6 humans living in New York, according to Wikipedia

  2. this sounds vaguely familiar? it was some guy monica was dating, right? i think tank abbott was in it

  3. That was a response to saying that khamzat was good in a country not known for wrestling. He just said that khamzat was infact also very good in Russia which is a country known for wrestling.

  4. Doesn’t seem like a lie if she ended up shooting the guy

  5. His dad was a cop. So they had whatever guns a cop would have. The Lie was that he had a collection of guns.

  6. It’s Brazil man. That’s why it’s kinda funny when American fighters act all gangster.

  7. A lot of MBA has to do with networking. Not sure about Ivey's alumni circle in Alberta but unless you go to a world class university for your MBA, you go to a good school in the area that you want to live at afterwards to capitalize on the network.

  8. A lot of degrees are about networking. Even if you move abroad you’ll have a better chance at a job if you’ve got a degree from university of Toronto vs Seneca college, even if you end up learning better at Seneca.

  9. If the UFC ever cross promotes with ONE, the only match I want to see is God emperor chatri Vs hgh tomato Dana

  10. so what you're saying is that your team's amazing accomplishment being invalidated by a shitty excuse makes you mad?

  11. No I’m just saying that England was the better team just like Pakistan was the better team during last game. How is that hard to understand?

  12. I think you’re not getting his point. Some people like to always contribute Pakistan’s wins due to dew factor/toss winning. At least since the Asia cup this year. So I think the OP was being sarcastic. Obviously England played much better cricket today. But imagine if every time England wins, instead of giving credit to them, people start saying they won because of dew factor/toss. That’s what people were saying to Pakistan’s wins

  13. And why do you care about some people saying that? A lot of people also think that England shouldn’t have won the World Cup on boundary count, but England is still the winner of 2019 World Cup. If Pakistan win the World Cup or the series who cares what others say. It gonna change a thing. It’s the equivalent of saying that eath is flat. They can believe in whatever, why do you care?

  14. It’s fine for being a student, most people from the GTA are bored to tears here but it’s livable, absolutely not a nice city by any means tho.

  15. I’m gonna be doing video production/media information and technoculture program and then work in media in one way or the other. I’m only doing the video production because it gives me an opportunity freelance if I want to. I’m from the GTA but I’m from Durham region which is boring as fuck.

  16. I’ve worked in trades too and you know what’s even worse than being broke? Being broke with a broken body.

  17. Did this study look at a correlation maybe? Farmers are disproportionately male and older.

  18. I brought up that men are more likely to be homeless, commit suicide and are more likely to have the lack of emotional support in my gender and sexuality because it was an elective. I was told that ‘we’re not here yo discuss that’ lol

  19. I was not prepared for the additional casualties colonization has caused/exasperated...

  20. That’s almost as much as holocaust. Both were terrible tragedies but it’s amazing how many people don’t know about this one.

  21. Siraj does well in Australia. It’s interesting whether it’s enough to pick him over shami

  22. Except when it’s his bad day he’s the kind of bowler who goes for 46-48 runs.

  23. You might be underestimating the size of Canada lol, but yep, I'm excited for that.

  24. So going to Toronto or Vancouver is more difficult than going to Qatar? How does that even make sense.

  25. Intoxication is a defence? Seriously for a crime obviously fueled by racism? There’s an irony in this case… too sad.

  26. Kinda ironic since the guy commited a hate crime because he was a Muslim and Muslims don’t drink alcohol.

  27. Thank you for admitting it. More than 50% of immigrants coming in to Canada are unskilled and we're importing ~1% of our total population per year

  28. Not true. So many people working in banks, hospitals, transportation, IT, design etc are immigrants. Look at how many bus drivers, train drivers etc are also immigrants.

  29. I'm seeing a 50% drop on certain cars on BAT from 5 months ago.

  30. I’ve been randomly following this random charger listing for a few months and it went from 30k to 25k to 23 and now at 21.

  31. It’s funny because toss and conditions have far more affect on test results than in t20s or ODI’s.

  32. So according to you England has a better chance of beating india in india in tests than they do in t20s? You’re using examples of a good team vs an emerging team. Australia beats Afghanistan most of the time regardless of the Toss. Tests have become competitive only in the last 5 years or so. Remember when india would beat Australia 4-0 at home and then go to Australia and lose 4-0?

  33. I feel like he’s just trying to rile people up but I’m also not sure lol

  34. These dudes went from fighting every week to having months long camps. Must lengthen their carrers bu a lot

  35. I love what ONE is Doing for Muay Thai. Now fighters can actually make some money. Training and cost of living in Thailand is pretty cheap so the 50k bonus goes a long way compared to Canada/US/Europe.

  36. There should be a thread for it. Muay Thai in 4 oz gloves is the the most entraining combat sport.

  37. But now you are using circular reasoning, what you are saying is that if someone makes a claim, you believe it without question, if I tell you I can fly in the sky, you now automatically think I am Superman.

  38. How do you know I believe his beliefs on women. Also his views on women are his opinions which I don’t agree on. Working or not working with mafia is not an opinion. It’s something you do or don’t. Btw you’re the one who called him a legend. Also you said that you can’t do big buisness in Romania without mafia being involved, but Andrew tate does have big buisness in Romania. So were you making it up? Also do you also accuse people you’re fan of of working with criminal organizations?

  39. Can you make a list for 25k and under?

  40. You can get a good luxury car, chargers and mustangs or newer models of the cars listed above.

  41. We have a saying in Punjabi. It translates to ‘after eating 100 mice, the cat goes to hajj’

  42. The creative team on smackdown change and they stopped using him for 7 months. So much so that Ali begged to be traded to Raw with Heyman. Heyman then got axed.

  43. Yeah, I guess I wasn’t very selective since I just wanted to get to 15 as quickly as possible

  44. I have friends who used to make about 250 every night more or less from 4pm to 4am. One had a 2008 Honda Civic he bought for 2500 and other had an accord he bought for 1200. You have to decline the orders that don’t tip well.

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