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[Postgame Thread] South Carolina Defeats Clemson 31-30

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when they don't allow rainbow armbands at the World Cup

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Recap: Tennessee football's CFP hopes disappear in 63-38 loss at South Carolina

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  1. Nice catch! I hadn’t noticed the board before. I wonder if the school has a bunch of smart kids who are already multilingual.

  2. If I could safely find a way to have retro consoles available to where people couldn’t trash them I will. Maybe even hooked up to old tube tv’s. I wouldn’t definitely want my barcade to make people feel nostalgic.

  3. Those old school demo setups at Walmart used to seem indestructible. Plus they’d straighten out your neck from the angle! They were ahead of their time since we probably need that more now because of our phones.

  4. It’s our second boom. App grew a ton after a certain game in 2007.

  5. Why? What happened in 2007? Did something BIG happen to help the HOUSE?

  6. hey listen here Jalen Hurd, yall just barely avoided one of your own

  7. Cheap like 99 cent for a gallon kinda cheap apparently doesn’t happen here. I’ve gotten 20L jugs online but they were kind of expensive.

  8. I think Deacon Barnes put the fear of the Lord Almighty in those guys after that embarrassment

  9. looks like he got a bullet hole on his forehead.

  10. I feel like they’d give the slight edge to Clemson. I hope Joe can get in a groove for that game. These next 15 practices are going to be huge for him.

  11. They’re also starting a new QB. It’s more a preview game for next year with a few players possibly not playing.

  12. So why can't I buy a flagship quality phone, without a camera? I don't want a shitty cheap phone with a bad camera.

  13. The market is likely not there. People want many bells and whistles especially for a premium product. The lack of a camera wouldn’t change the price dramatically enough to make it a good alternative.

  14. Most fun I’ve had watching football in awhile. The dobbs teams were also super fun, but super frustrating because of the wasted potential.

  15. Yet there’s only one state that starts with a G, but UGA still uses 3 letters.

  16. Except when Great Value Ginobili decides he's going on a 10-0 run himself. Last 2 games, it was close in the second half, then Vescovy just starts raining threes, the defense gets 3-4 steals in a row, and suddenly it's a 15 point lead.

  17. Hey no shade tho, I think he has a future. Wish we had him. We might finish last in the conference in 3 pt %

  18. I first thought its a joke about the colors not showing bc you haven't paid for it.

  19. Yeah. It should be reposted with that joke. With an all black armband. Both Pantone and adobe are blegh for that.

  20. That has been in such short supply lately that whenever I see it I buy hem out. Then I just store it for later. I drink maybe one a week.

  21. If you live in California, around Passover, you can get yellow top coke in 2 liter bottles which are made with sugar as well.

  22. They have some listed on the website. Nothing like the door buster kinda stuff back in the states though. Just more like. Some small sales.

  23. It sounds like a company that went bankrupt in the dotcom bust circa 2002

  24. And will go bankrupt in the whatever bust circa 2024

  25. Not in seoul, but reachable by subway, Lagniappe usually has a thanksgiving dinner (reservations only). Not sure if they’re doing it this year, but it’s excellent.

  26. Is that New Orleans cuisine? If not, it is a very NOLA name, which is also French. But we use it a lot.

  27. They do have NOLA cuisine as the owner is from there. They also have like Mexican and Vietnamese food, which normally I don’t like when one place sells too much stuff, but they pull it off

  28. What do you mean by no label? Like the recycling triangle arrow label? Don’t worry about that too much.

  29. Yes! Some things like takeout boxes or even food containers look like plastic or coated cardboard and look like they could still be recycled but have no label? So I'm just unsure what to do with them.

  30. The plastic ones I’d throw in with the plastic recycling. The coated paper ones I’ve heard can’t be recycled, so generally I toss those in with the general waste.

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