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Pepino story

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I couldn’t help my self given her latest, “I’m a victim and everyone is so mean to me for no reason “ post. Even if she doesn’t read it on IG, she’ll probably read it here! 👊🏽🥒

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  1. Somebody lied to her about those eyebrows…why are they gray?!? 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  2. Nah, I’m here for the Spanish grift! She insulted my culture and took advantage of the Hispanic community in the US! Which has been proven without a shadow of a doubt. I can definitely support other pepinos opinions about her “pregnancies” & her bounce back for sure but I’m here because she continues to insult Hispanic women every day appropriating our culture and doesn’t seem to give a fuck that she’s offensive!

  3. I'm here with you! I am WHITE. 100% Irish white girl. My black & brown sisters have had a enough taken from them and it's not ok. Her behavior is absolutely offensive and inappropriate. She does not care. She just wants that $$$! Please know you have an army of pissed off pepinos standing right with you in your rage. She is wrong and we will not tolerate it.

  4. Tbh that doesn't even look like a Spanish (Spain) child. Spaniards are much paler. That looks like a Latin American child which she isn't even pretending to be. WTAF. Does she not know the difference?

  5. Not true! My cousins looks exactly like this little girl and she is 100% Spanish! That is a false narrative! There are pale Spaniards and dark Spaniards!

  6. She would post this! I know a girl like Hillary, who had multiple children also and would post videos to social media of her young boys beating each other up and swearing. She though it was hilarious!! Disgusting

  7. You should hear the audio: she wouldn't stop calling him "¡¡Papá!!" early on.

  8. That’s nice…merely pointing out the rules of the sub! No politics! But…🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Okay, wait! This is where lines are blurrred in terms of somebody’s race! Let’s not pretend that Shania Twain is not a white woman! She is…PERIOD! She became LEGALLY registered as 50% North American Indian because her STEP FATHER raised her. Fine! She said, the culture was part of her heart and soul. She gets to claim the culture and that I can definitely get on board with and agree with! It’s the way she was raised! Which is great, but it’s is not her ethnicity nor does she LOOK anything other than a white woman! Nor was she ever treated as anything other than a white woman! Rachel Dolezal was raised with black siblings…she claims she felt a deep connection to them and felt she was black! Does it make her ethnically black…NO!!! NEVER!!! She is a white woman! Period, as is Shania! We can’t pretend that they’re ethnically something that they are not! Where do we draw the line in the sand when it comes to claiming race? Also, let’s say a black family adopts a white child…that child is still ethnically and legally white although their family culture says otherwise.

  10. Belonging to a Native Nation is not just a racial designation, it’s a political one. That is what you’re failing to understand. They also have a different understanding of who counts as a family and community member that sometimes transcends blood.

  11. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Yep! I have no idea what I’m talking about!!! 🙄🙄 “belonging to a Native Nation is not just a racial “designation”(🤔) but a political one!” ANNNNNDDDD?!? What’s your point exactly. This post is talking about race! Indigenous people are “first people’s” So, you’re saying that this white woman can claim this title because her step father is a native man etc….It boils down to race! I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about and I know regardless of whatever titles Shania Twain is given, she is a white woman in the United Stares of America (where she and her family reside). That’s the bottom line esa!

  12. Is this white bitch really claiming “mamitis” in reference to her gringo child?!?!? 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  13. I feel you! I’m 3rd generation on both sides. Spanish and Mexican. The Spanish side of my family was really pushed to speak English when they came to the US. They were told, “you’re Americans now and you need to speak English” I learned Spanish mostly from the Mexican side. It wasn’t my first language…I learned it growing up. Needless to say my Spanish is very “improper” as my grandma from Spain tells me(although she refused to teach me)…Spanglish if you will! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. We’re not obsessed with HER…we’re obsessed and jealous because she got Alec and we didn’t!!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Google Sara Baras. She's one of the best flamenco dancers. Your jaw will hit the floor.

  16. I like how someone who went to Spain for a month, is now an expert on what we look like. Must be a form of that entitlement I keep hearing about. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Nope! I’m sorry Esa, this is an EXTREMELY ignorant comment. You went to Spain for a month and visited “all parts” and this is the conclusion you’ve come to? Spaniards look like other Europeans and WHITE AMERICANS?!? Whaaattt?!?!? No mam! So, every few months on this sub, there is someone posting about this (usually not a person of Hispanic descent) The “appearance” of Spaniards and their “whiteness “ Being half Spaniard and half Mexican myself, I’ve commented on similar posts in the past because there is so much ignorance on this topic! This is a strange and inaccurate claim! I’ve been traveling to Spain since I was a child, mostly visiting the areas where my family lives in Málaga and close surrounding areas. I’ve also been to Madrid and Barcelona as well, which tend to be VERY “touristy” areas. Hollywood in the US(which is where I’m guessing you’re from…the US) does not portray Spaniards…AT ALL!!! Actually, Javier Bardem has written articles about just this! We are grouped together in the US with Latin Americans…which of course makes sense in terms of language and culture. The Hispanic community as a whole. It is not simply black and white…it consists of a lot of grey areas. For example, yes, when you think of Spaniards as an American, you think of Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas or Julio/Enrique Iglesias. They are dark Spaniards! But to say this is not the norm is just not true! There is a mix of light and dark Spaniards period. My family for example are dark Spaniards….black hair, black/brown eyes and olive completed! This is normal for us! Some are dark and some are light. Im not talking like Dominican dark though! Even the Spaniards that are crossing over into the mainstream now are dark Spaniards. IE: Mario Casas, Amaia Aberasturi, and singer Rosalía who had recently become HUGE in the US. It’s not abnormal that their dark! It’s normal! Also, normal that there are light Spaniards with green eyes and light hair. I want to let you know that I’m not attacking you and I’m not “offended “ by your post at all! It’s simply ignorance. Hillary chose to appropriate a dark Spaniard period. It’s not because she didn’t”research “ her grift, it’s because there are a lot of dark Spaniards as well as light.

  18. Wow!!!!! Great find OP!!! “My super white version” … I’d love to hear her explain THIS away!

  19. Helllll nooo!!! Listen, I’m all for letting kids be who they want to be….to an extent!!! THEY ARE KIDS!!! When I was a kid a wanted to be Atreyu from never ending story! I was a legit tomboy until I was 11 and my parents let me be that way BUT this is not that! This woman is pushing her woke political agenda and is pushing it through this innocent child! She’s done it since he was an itty-bitty baby so, it was not HIS CHOICE!

  20. I believe his ex-wife was born in the US and grew up in Spain. She isn’t ethnically Spanish either.

  21. Sure. I also think that their grift to pretend she's Spanish was to reach out to the Hispanic/latino audience for support for Alec. She does interviews on red carpets for the Hispanic affiliate stations and he gets support from us because his wife is Spanish. Remember the interview from Torrento? The interviewer was trying to get him to speak Spanish. I bet that was one of her draws to him. I can help with reaching out to the Spanish audience, let's just say I'm from Spain. They won't know, I'll just exaggerate the "zeta" and dye my hair 🙄

  22. Why would Natalie Portman agree to be on this bootleg podcast?

  23. My thoughts exactly! She’s an extremely educated and intelligent woman, so this is just off!

  24. For me, it’s also so cringe that she fakes being fluent in Spanish, and fakes knowing a lot about the culture. She’s got high school level proficiency, and knows nothing about Spanish culture that you couldn’t learn from watching a 30 minute travel show.

  25. Yeah, I definitely think she’s spends a lot of her time studying Spanish culture to continue the grift!

  26. But are they baptized catholic? Was Ireland baptized ? I don’t trust Stephen. I need to see a 23andMe breakdown on one of their asses

  27. 🤣🤣 I think it was Billy not Stephen but I wouldn’t put it past any of them to lie about this either. Identity issues all over the place with these people!

  28. Yeah, he likes us to think of that as an excuse. But he's mostly not-Irish.

  29. I remember reading or seeing an interview with Billy B and he said they grew up very Irish Catholic and were really into their Irish heritage. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I think their kids look really Irish. Carmen would make a cute little Irish dancer! At least it would be a part of who she really is as she wouldn’t have to pretend.

  30. Graciela03…THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!! This person has no idea who Rosalía is and simply googled “Rosalia controversy” to start trouble! I was obviously talking about the controversy in Spain!!! There isn’t controversy in the US! There’s always going to be some BS article trying to push her down because she’s a woman killing it in Spanish music! If you know, you know! How sad that people still try to do this! Ignorance is bliss!!!!

  31. I blocked you, but then I realized it will show my comments as [deleted]. Know that I did and will not delete what I said. I’m just making it so you can no longer see them or contact me.

  32. She posted this today?!?!? The delusion is REAL!!!! I can’t believe this disgusting woman has the AUDACITY to continue this shit!!!!! HILLARY, YOU ARE NOT HISPANIC!!!!!! You’re a desperate wanna-be…end of story!!!! 🤬🤬🤬

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