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  1. Well I’m fine now, so serious or not doesn’t really matter, glad that you took your time to write this comment |-/ Have a good evening

  2. Carry on then. Forward motion my friend. My wife of 23 years died on Friday night. That’s what I am doing. In Trench you’re not alone. Keep your torch lit and your jumpsuit on…

  3. Oh god I am beyond sorry for your loss! I hope you are ok, but of course you are not right now.

  4. Thanks. She is with her banditos on the other side now. They are walking the high road with torches held high. She was a warrior and my hero. Cancer didn’t beat her. She didn’t give it the satisfaction. In Trench she wasn’t alone. I was right there beside her. I didn’t shy away. I’m not a choker. Anybody who loses someone close: live well; make your life count for something. No regrets

  5. I think its when god hit him straight on as described in lovely

  6. Hit him with everything plus the kitchen sink. That is a thought to ponder. Thanks fren

  7. My personal interpretation is that a kitchen sink can sometimes be cluttered, but it's also where things get clean. Make of that metaphor whatever you choose. It can also be completely wrong, but that's ok

  8. If your friend is a theater nerd, tell them the whole lore story. Once they are hooked then have them listen to Trench, and watch some of the key videos over the years like Heavydirtysoul, Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners, etc

  9. Sorry Im not fully understanding what these pictures have to do with each other 💀

  10. First is Ned from Outside video. Second one is of the truck stop in Shy Away video with a neon sign saying “Ned’s Last Stop”. It is tough to read in the image but if you look elsewhere on the web you will see that’s the name of the place where Tyler and Josh are standing and Tyler tries to make a call on a payphone (to Ned). In the lyrics to bounce man he implies Ned has his phone turned off, since Tyler’s (Clancy’s) calls are going straight to voicemail.

  11. One sign says Saturdays, and the other one on the adjacent building says Ned’s Last Stop.

  12. Arguably, Trench is the darkest of their albums thus far. Weirdly I didn’t like on first listen. It took me a while and then I learned how powerful and deep the lyrics were. Once the meaning came through, this has become my favorite album of all time. It’s also where the TOP lore really took off. You may notice that Tyler’s singing style sounded a little more unhinged and desperate on Vessel and Self titled. He has gotten progressively more confident both in his message and delivery. So even though the themes in Trench are very dark, I get the sense that he has made forward progress. He has come to understand that pain is a given in life, but how you deal with it is king.

  13. I enjoy this Reddit sub but I think this clique isn’t a homogenous group. I really enjoy the band because of their positive message about mental health and also spirituality. The Christian messages and symbolism that Tyler puts in his lyrics really help me. But most fans in here don’t like the Christian stuff. I’ve made a lot of posts about song meanings. The ones that have a lot of Christian references get fewer upvotes. It’s the nature of things. Most of the clique just like the glamor of a popular band, and relate more to certain aspects like the visuals, the lore, the fame and merch, and maybe the mental health messages. But the Christian stuff is a deadly 3rd rail. People downvote it constantly. Personally I never downvote anybody for any comment. My life purpose is for positivity, not to try and negate other opinions. But a lot of people are negative. They are ego-driven and tribal. They want the “clique” to be exclusive to their way of seeing. Tyler gets this. It’s what “The Outside” is about: only a fraction of his fans are vibing to his spiritual message, which for him is the most important thing. The folks open to the spiritual message are represented by the Ned with long antlers in that video. This is not to slam on people who aren’t open to the spiritual message. It’s just to express what Tyler feels and also some of the more spiritually-attuned fans. Nobody is better than anybody else. I wish everybody on here could just spread love, and not rejection or negativity. But we have free will so do as you like. I will continue to amplify Tyler’s spiritual message whether it is popular or not, because I think the message is important.

  14. That's really interesting and I do understand because some people that don't agree with the spiritual side of songs don't want to attach that sort of meaning to the song that they relate to whether that be because they feel like it's negative or have had negative experiences with that but it is important and it's cool to learn about! But what's cool is the music is so multilayered, it hits for so many people on so many levels. I love the positivity and the message here :) and I like the explanation about the Outside! That was cool and I didn't know. I love learning about the meaning and lore more so thank you for that and engaging with me, here! 💗

  15. It’s iconic. The song itself is great. Then when you pair it up with the imagery from the HDS video where Blurry’s in the back seat of the Cadillac Deville with the stereo ripped out (implied not shown) , for me it goes nuclear. It is so supersaturated with symbolism that the meaning just falls out of solution in crystal form like in chemistry class. That car represents his old ways (the ways of the devil, “sedan Deville”) and you can look closely and the car has red dots on the rear side windows. The devil is torturing him with recurrent, obsessive and self-hating thoughts. Then, in the jumpsuit video , where he stands on the trunk, takes his jumpsuit and leaves the car to burn, the point is made. He’s leaving all that self loathing behind. He is moving into action to change his life. Cars have always been used by Tyler as a “vehicle” to represent his life path. He is setting a new course in life, leaving the old ways behind, and kicking the devil (or metaphorically, the negative bishops) in the teeth.

  16. Thanks for this! I agree. The pop song professor often leaves me wanting but he got these right. I think much of Trench and SAI are about Tyler dealing with his own shadow. The shadow is in the unconscious and is the area where we repress some of our bad tendencies and psychic wounds. If you don’t deal with it, you remain “unconscious” (Tyler uses the term “asleep”). This is why the clique symbols are upside down sleep runes from Norse mythology. So he’s trying to become more self aware and grounded. He is slowly getting more self aware, getting the upper hand on his negative emotions (symbolically shown in the Saturday video, with he and Josh surfacing after their sub is destroyed). But going repeatedly into the shadow takes a lot of courage. It can feel like self abuse. But what people don’t understand is that if you don’t go there, those negative emotions never leave you. You remain in DEMA forever, asleep as to your true nature, and the emotions, like the DEMA bishops, can torture you at will. Worse yet, you perpetuate the cycle by hurting others around you. Dealing with the shadow always involves uncertainty, self doubt, even self loathing. After all, you are forced to see the evil or weaknesses in yourself and confront them. So it’s a hero’s journey fraught with peril and metaphorical dragons. But he who brings light into his own shadow learns to levitate, breathe fire, and create a stable jumpsuit. Spiritual faith helps a lot too. Not dogmatic, blind faith but belief in a higher power and love triumphing over evil.

  17. Don’t know if anybody’s theorized this before, but I seriously think that part of this self inflicted harm he’s talking about is overthinking. (This goes back to “Ride” when he talks about thinking too much)

  18. I like this line of thinking. Overthinking always seems to lead to self doubt, and often self loathing. That’s what Blurryface was all about. And for sure he tries to tax his brain imagining who and what God is. It is inherently impossible. It is my belief that God exists in a timeless spiritual realm, as well as within the material universe that we physical beings inhabit while in these vessels. But there are no words to describe something in a higher dimension than what our senses can handle. The analogy would be if we lived on a 2 dimensional plane and tried to describe a creature of 3 dimensions. We wouldn’t be able to because our language and senses aren’t up to it. If a 3D creature then reached a couple of fingers into our plane of existence, we would freak out and call it supernatural. But we still wouldn’t grasp the fullness of 3 dimensions. This is the kind of thinking Tyler engages in. It can be fun if you can control the desire for certainty. There will never be certainty about God while we are in physical form. We aren’t meant to know. I think he gets that, which is why he likes unexplained, cryptic symbols. Uncertainty is necessary for us to grow in spirit. We have to make decisions under pressure in order to learn our true character. That’s Tyler trying to learn how to live for someone rather than just be willing to die for them.

  19. Ding ding! Morph is the baddest, darkest, and most impactful for me. It’s like the Batmobile of TOP songs :grin:

  20. Haha yeah just riffing. If Morph were a car, it would be flat black with tinted windows, sleek, high horsepower, and very heavy but with a lot of momentum and agility. Hence, the Batmobile.

  21. I am a sax player. I feel like the lone trumpet guy that played on SAI is pretty weak. Tyler needs to get at least a sax in there with him and learn to write some funkier horn lines. The others were fine.

  22. This is what i love about their music, theres the broad term meaning that everyone can relate to, but also theres sometimes a religious meaning thats personal to Tyler and lets you see just who he is as a person

  23. Yeah I’m amazed. Tyler seems to write music for at least 5 audiences:

  24. Don’t get my on a tangent about it. 🤣 I will start quoting lyrics that he talks about god and how he literally says “won’t tell you who I’m singing towards” GOD 🤣 I think he’s trying to tell us to wake up and that realize god is more than the dogmatic god we’ve been shown.

  25. Yes that’s legit. I think he has a greater impact on people by not being so “in your face” about the spiritual stuff. It’s always there in his music though. Some of us really vibe to it. Others not so much.

  26. Thanks. Yes I can use this support. My wife has stage 4 ovarian cancer, and only a month or 2 to live. I love the message of TOP and many of the compassionate fans.

  27. My heart goes out to you. You have a tribe supporting you

  28. Thanks for the support. I believe that we all have immortal souls that continue after we die, but it is still really sad losing my wife and best friend. I listen to a lot of Trench to get me through.

  29. Wow, I somehow missed this. Where was this image released? In

  30. My advice is to write your lyrics first, then build the music around it. But everybody works differently. I wouldn’t so much copy their style, but rather use it for inspiration. To me, the element in TOP’s music that makes it so compelling is the deeply layered lyrics that carry authentic meaning. The music part is great too, but without the deep lyrics, wouldn’t really be that compelling. You have to find that deep meaning in yourself to really create the good stuff. Usually it involves revisiting your own deepest fears and traumas to convert it into emotional gold. The other really important thing you have to do is to not share your work with others until you’ve completed it. It’s the kiss of death for completing creative projects. It saps your motivation and your brain starts to feel like you’ve already made something. Then you can often give up, lose interest, or second guess your own ideas. It is far too easy to choke and then you will never make anything. “It’s like a song he wrote, that’s never heard.” My advice is to trust yourself, work every day on your project for as much time as you can spare. If you hit a snag, just move slow, try to “stop time, sit there ‘til you find the problem.” If you are very lucky, you may find that a pet cheetah lives in your psychic basement. Then you are in the flow state, pure bliss. Then the ideas flow fast and furious from some badass mystical infinity, and are filtered through you. Then the work you make will blow your own mind.

  31. I’ve always had a lot of trouble with lyrics, but I will definitely give it a try. I wish I had a pet cheetah running around in my mental basement! Also, about the not sharing, I always shared whatever I make in progress, so thanks for the advice, I’ll try it out. But thank you so much for replying, it really means a lot!

  32. No problem. You might like the book, “The Art of Impossible”, by Stephen Kotler. It has tons of science behind how to create amazing things, be it art, or surfing 50 ft waves…. That’s where the concept of not sharing your creative ideas too widely came from. He explains that you need to train your brain to crave the act of creating, rather than to explain the half formed ideas to others. Then you are giving yourself a dopamine hit for the creation process and training yourself to get into the flow state quicker. Sharing half formed ideas short circuits this pathway and gives you dopamine hits without furthering your creations. That is where the pet cheetah comes in. During flow, you are not questioning your ideas. You are simply channeling something bigger than yourself. Not saying this always works. Distractions mess this up, so you have to shut off the phone, email, etc to have any hope of getting into flow.

  33. Hmmm…. This is very interesting and could explain Josh’s use of the alien symbol in the clique logo. Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 is a hard core UFO researcher.

  34. Nico is Clancy’s own self hatred. He hasn’t learned to accept himself fully yet. You cannot fight Nico like an external enemy. He is part of Clancy/Tyler’s psyche/subconscious. The only way Clancy can defeat him is to learn to accept/love himself. The lore is not just a standalone story. It is Tyler’s healing story.

  35. “Oh-oh-oh, they're trying hard to weaponize You and I, we'll never take it.”

  36. Great read. I have a few ideas I'd like to add though:

  37. To each his/her own interpretation. I agree there is room for alternate views. Regardless of how many members were in the Bourbaki mathematical group, there appear to be nine bishops. The Bourbaki group never tried to prove God. Andre Weil, the head of Bourbaki group, was notoriously arrogant. His quote was,

  38. This is a really cool analysis of its meaning! One of my favorite tid bits is the group of mathematicians that came up with the empty set went by Nicholas Bourbaki (Nico)



  41. Yup. Me too, in spades. My world consists of intense anxiety and sadness, due to my wife suffering in the final stages of ovarian cancer. I have to witness it and there’s nothing I can do to prevent her dying. TOP’s message is very powerful and helps me to cope. The message of Trench reminds me that though I walk through the shadow of death, I am not alone. I will survive and continue to carry my torch. Their message that we are all loved, and that we create meaning through creativity is a spiritual and psychological blessing. For me, Tyler and Josh’s message is also one of compassion and inclusion, making connections between people, not exacerbating division. There are other bands that have a few uplifting songs. But there is no other band with such a powerful and consistent message of hope and persistence in the face of tragedy.

  42. Stay strong, my fren. Life has a hopeful undertone. Love and strength to you and your wife💙

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