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  1. I'm seeing them at the end of May in Coventry, like other people have said they have to support acts, most likely at 6PM and 7PM, and then AM will most likely come on stage at 20:30-21:00 I'd say. The curfew is 23:00 for most places in the UK so it will probably finish around 22:30.

  2. Every time someone on here asks when the new album is coming he delays it by one month

  3. 1.) Mardy Bum / When The Sun Goes Down / A Certain Romance

  4. If he releases an album now and it was a half-baked, rushed album the same people would say he should have spent more time on it.

  5. It's always sunny in Philadelphia. From everything I've heard about it the characters are wholly unlikeable with no redeeming qualities.. Which apparently is why it's so good/funny? But despite liking a wide range of comedy, always sunny just doesn't appeal to me at all.

  6. The characters are terrible human beings but they are definitely likeable, there is a huge leap in quality once Danny Devito enters, which is literally the first scene of season 2.

  7. I was like that with Ted Lasso and eventually caved. I quite enjoyed the first season, but quit after 2 episodes of the next because I was just a bit bored. It probably doesn't help that I like football, because I found most of the football related stuff a bit cringeworthy. I imagine non-football fans like it more than football fans do.

  8. I couldn't get into Ted Lasso, just not really my sense of humour, it's never unenjoyable and I get the appeal but it's just not my cup of tea really.

  9. So jealous of everyone who got tickets. Hope this gets professionally recorded for everyone to get a chance to watch later! Seems like it’s a no phone event.

  10. I found about this at 12 and they were sold out in less than 2 minutes! Crazy. It says that it will be professionally recorded though so at least we have a chance to watch it.

  11. I think they could make a great Bond theme, with the grandiose of songs like Four Out of Five, Body Paint and Big Ideas combined with songs like The Jewellers Hands and Dance Little Liar they could definitely create something really special.

  12. It's unrealistic but all I want is to hear florescent adolescent live

  13. I'd say for the European tour its a very slim possibility, the UK tour there's a fairly big chance and for Glastonbury I'm 99% sure they will play it.

  14. Mardy Bum, A Certain Romance and When The Sun Goes Down are all in my top ten AM songs which gives an indication to how great this album is.

  15. I think he will do more of Asia, then I think summer 2024 he will do the grand final of the tour at Wembley Stadium.

  16. I think they will do a slowed down orchestral version of Flourescent Adolescent, similar to when they did Mardy Bum in 2013, then they will do Mardy Bum normally as well as A Certain Romance as the closer.

  17. I have 2 kids that I see every day. I recommend that.

  18. Looking at the setlists in 2013, they played Flourescent Adolescent, A Certain Romance and a semi-acoustic version of Mardy Bum.

  19. Mardy Bum with the full orchestra or A Certain Romance for the closer.

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