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  1. If you are ok with RH then {The Queen of Carnage by Candice Wright} fits this

  2. This is my qualm too—“sassy and feisty” characters often come across as unsympathetic. I want her to be brave and charismatic without being mean.

  3. It seems challenging to find a strong FMC who is also just kind… Its like they must be 100% one way or the other

  4. {Arrogant Devil by R.S Grey} Its a lighthearted Romcom enemies to lovers where he runs a ranch and shes comes from the city after leaving her wealthy husband

  5. Ohhh, really? I've read Baby and the late night howlers, but have always been unsure about Lolas Story. Been on my TBR for ages. But well here's the chance to read it after all. :D

  6. If you’re ok with contemporary check out {Unhinged Cain by Brooklyn Cross}

  7. I actually just read one, {The Girl That Would Be Lost by Brooklyn Cross}

  8. This isnt technically RH though right? She onoy ends up with 1 person in the end?

  9. Its a quick and dirty read, but {Breaking the Bully by Jessa Kane} fits this

  10. I know exactly what you mean, I thought I might be the only person completely unimpressed with The Tyrant Alphas Rejected Mate (it was set up SO PERFECTLY for him to pine painfully for her while shes doing fine!) opportunity missed 😑

  11. I havent used it but the SoloGroom SoloRake is supposed to work well for this!

  12. {Management Skills by Fenella Ashworth} is a super spicy contemporary and basically zero angst

  13. Dang I can’t think of a <100 page one, but if you’re willing to go a bit longer (still short around 200 pages) check out {Management Skills by Fenella Ashworth}. Low Angst, suuuper spicy (OTT the plot is more about the spice than anything), likable MCs with major chemistry

  14. Can you pls tell me more about the FMC? is she naive or will she give me second hand embarrassment? Also since he’s the boss (I don’t really like that) does he abuse his power or position over her?

  15. So I just went back to it to double check and the FMC is 25 and the MMC is 34. The ages are only mentioned one (its not treated as an age-gap trope), but that’s still way more than the 5 years max you mentioned, sorry I shouldve double checked that first!!!

  16. {Pandemonium by Susanna Strom} first two books are about the same couple, i havent read the next books about the other characters but I really liked the initial duet

  17. Just went through my read list and remembered some others:

  18. I think the Boundarylands series is my favorite, I go back and re read my favorite books in the series pretty regularly

  19. Also {Dinosaurs, Disasters, and Albert Einswine by Sedona Ashe} is hilarious

  20. The cheeky fairy tales duet starting with {Gilded Mess by Colette Rhodes}! ❤️

  21. YES there absolutely is! In subreddits and the facebook groups Im in there are regular posts requesting childfree characters or book requests for a type of story with the request ending in “no kids/pregnancy please”

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