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  1. Time to buy some store brand puffed rice and marshmallows.

  2. How about time to stop eating all this processed crappy junk food and candy that serves no purpose and makes you feel like crap while draining your wallet? Shrinkflation seems to be hitting junk food, soft drinks and other waste items the hardest, and it's always impressive to see how loud people complain about their favorite OREOS or whatever getting smaller. Bro just cold turkey that shit completely, your body will thank you for it. And after two or three weeks you won't have sugar cravings anymore and you won't feel like you NEED that family-sized shrinkflated pop-tart snack or whatever the fuck to get through your work day

  3. I assume you also don’t drink any alcohol ever at all? And you don’t drink coffee either? Or smoke weed? Video games are also pretty bad for your health you should quit that too while we’re at it.

  4. Lmao why would I bash junk food if I consumed alcohol, coffee or weed? Weed I can understand for others because it has legitimate medical benefits for many who use it, but alcohol? Give me a break. And coffee? How about, try getting more than 3 hours of sleep every night and go to bed at a reasonable hour? Then you won't need coffee to function

  5. Why go to the ER for stomach pains? Was it a rural area with no open urgent cares, or was there reason to believe that the stomach pains were indicative of a critical emergency or would otherwise pass the insurance sniff test for being considered "emergent"?

  6. Oh damn, cyst bursting in overy is definitely emergent. I was thinking like stomach pains, dull aching that lingers, etc. Happy to hear it turned out well and you only had to pay up to your out of pocket limit 🙏 did you have an HSA you were able to pull from?

  7. Should have rode a motorcycle! Gridlock like that + legal lane splitting is magic.

  8. I was about to say, time to get on two wheels! I daily drive a moped in a state where it's illegal yet unenforced, and oh Lord... The time saved on commuting, and stress avoided by not having to worry about missing light cycles and sitting in dangerous gridlock... I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world

  9. Thanks for the input. My hours are technically 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (with an hour lunch) but there’s no way I could get my stuff done during that time!

  10. Work your wage, don't work for free, let the claims pile up. Your manager will chew you up and dress you down, but just let them while restating that you do not work for free. They will threaten disciplinary action, but stick to your guns. What are they going to do? Fire you because you didn't work for free and had too many pending claims? If they did that they'd have even more pending claims and be out a trained employee and have to hire a potentially worse candidate off the street and retrain them.

  11. Maybe not The General or Nationwide, but perhaps with other carriers

  12. Sounds like the NSA will apply. You go to an in-network facility, you cannot be balance billed because a provider inside that facility happened to be out-of-network. Am I missing something?

  13. Given that the colonoscopy will be considered "surveillance", it'll be subject to your deductible and coinsurance. Figuring out the most economical plan may require some math and depends on what other healthcare/ meds you need. Since you know you need a somewhat expensive procedure, you may be best served by a more expensive monthly plan with a lower deductible.

  14. Are these premium figures normal? Why so high, even for the bronze plan? My current employer offers a low deductible plan for $80 a month and a HDHP for $0 a month. Are you assuming dependents in those figures? Who's paying $250 a month for an HDHP??

  15. I sold my car years ago and got an mp3. It's my only vehicle so it's my daily rider.

  16. I saw you're in Nebraska, and I assume the no traffic jams comment refers to lane-filtering. I'm in WA and I also lane-filter on my scooter, I've never gotten hassled by law enforcement over it because it's just a scooter. How's attitudes towards it in Nebraska? Hopefully it's becoming normalized over there bit by bit

  17. Start by speaking with HR at both companies and explaining the situation. Confirm that you have no options and baby was not covered. Then, reach out to the hospital and explain baby was not covered. See what type of financial assistance you qualify for.

  18. Taking a huge hit on your credit for 7 years is probably better than trying to pay any significant portion of this, no? (Unless you're very wealthy). Or Sam Hyde it and pay $25 a month for the rest of your life (aka until the debt is repurchased 5 times and you get a phone call offering you to settle everything for a one-time payment of $400)

  19. You are honestly lucky your insurance paid anything at all for an ER visit for minor ear pain. Several insurance companies no longer cover non-emergent ER visits.

  20. Where do they draw the line between emergent and non-emergent? Minor earache is obviously non-emergent, but to give an example, I once had a concurrent bacterial infection that developed in my throat alongside early COVID back in Feb of 2020. Urgent care strep-tested me and told me it was not bacterial and just to go home and keep eating ibuprofen. I continued getting worse and worse over 4 days until one morning I was overwhelmed by intense fever, nausea, chills, etc, and passed out then and there. The doctor that saw me later that day said I should have wound up in the ER, but I would have presented with basically an extremely sore throat and a fever... Would insurance have considered it "emergent"? Would I have had to get the doctor that saw me at the ER to write documentation to fight insurance on whether or not it was emergent?

  21. ACA-compliant plans are not allowed to consider pre-existing conditions, nor does a gap in coverage affect anything.

  22. What did we even do before the ACA... How did we even function with healthcare as a society

  23. So I was car shopping last month and decided to price full coverage insurance on a 2014 Sonata and was quoted around $150 a month. I ended up buying a Buick and have to pay $48 a month for the same coverage, same company. I chose the buick because of the theft issue and insurance cost.

  24. This is why I have the Buick as well. It seems like a no-brainer to me, I will always daily drive the cheapest thing that will get me from A to B. the Buick is actually my backup car that sits in the driveway and I try to ride my 🛵 for everything unless it's a Costco run for that reason

  25. TIL lane-filtering through completely stopped traffic at 5MPH is being "unpredictable". I bet all those car drivers sitting perfectly still are definitely getting the jabbers when I crawl past them at jogging speeds

  26. I did an automatic conversion last summer in Paris and the software correctly gave me a full euro motorcycle endorsement based on my WDL having the two-wheeled endorsement present

  27. Salaries in general are much lower in Britain compared to their cost of living. In a HCOL area in the US, you might feel like 50,000 to 60,000 is enough to be "comfortable" whereas in Britain people are lucky to get 30k to 40k

  28. An important thing to note is that it makes your tarped bike look less like a tarped bike and more like a random tarped square.

  29. I live in Washington now, but I’m pulling for you! I’ll continue splitting regardless tbh…

  30. the insurance company will side against you in the case of an accident which is the only reason we want to make this legal. you can do whatever you want law or no law. just be prepared to deal with the consequences of your decisions.

  31. For me personally the consequences start with the risk of getting stopped and cited by law enforcement, then after that the risk of causing a confrontation with other motorists, then finally at the bottom of the list comes possible insurance ramifications. The reason for that is that I filter at extremely low speeds so I'm not worried about anything, furthermore splitting and getting into an accident isn't an automatic 100% blame assignment on you per insurance adjusters.

  32. East vs. West is Paradox’s unreleased Cold War game. It was canceled in 2014 after delays and attempts to rework the core gameplay (because superpowers are waaay stronger than others, and you can’t focus on wars like CK and HOI do).

  33. Hey, lead developer here, thanks for the ping and the project is definitely NOT dead because I was just working on code for it this morning before leaving for work

  34. Ahhhh, yeah, I've been meanin' to get that passport updated for this country, and not expired

  35. First time using a torque wrench, set it on 18

  36. Income is too low for Medicaid? Do you mean income is too high?

  37. OP is in a state without expanded Medicaid so they weren't denied for having too little income, they were denied because they are an adult who isn't pregnant or disabled.

  38. I'm very new, I was over my limits so my BM was right behind me while this was happening. I was just trying to be pleasant and smile it off but being bullied like that brought my right back. Maybe one day if I'm very experienced and earned my bullshit I could say something like that :(

  39. Thank you man, I appreciate it. It just hits different because I've been overachieving, getting positive customer reviews, always eager to learn more, even selling some products and generally being a positive addition to the team. I've diffused angry customers plenty of times before with no issue on week 2 of my employment.

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