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  1. This is a place where people dont see the irony in "they ruined boba fett as a character and squandered the potential of his show" being used as criticism.

  2. None of this means they had to write a nonsense plot.

  3. Yes , couldn’t exactly tell what it was but something just stunk like this is obviously a bunch of actors acting in star wars, the immersion just wasn’t there at times for me personally

  4. When the villains act unhinged and illogical, it tends to take the voter out of the story. But for some reason Disney doesn’t know how to create “bad guys” that don’t yell at their enemies like a fucking loser.

  5. Working off a profound debt to elites on a distant planet with little or no chance of return to Earth isn’t “being an astronaut”. It’s a crime against humanity.

  6. Employees are a few steps up from chattel slaves, yes.

  7. He is an adult with mental health issues who is, unfortunately, legally allowed to buy and own a gun. Even if they are worried about what he could do with the gun, there isn't much that they could do unless he made actual threats around them, or unless they found something that would indicate his intentions. Simply being off his meds wouldn't be enough for it to be taken serious if they went to the police or someone without anything to back them up. Since he is 29, it's not like his family could force him into a mental health facility.

  8. Calling these shootings a mental health issue is just an easier way of saying "well, we've neglected for generations to address the reasons this is happening, and are actually neglecting even more the reasons now, and will continue to improve upon neglecting even further in the future". It gives politicians a boogeyman to blame without having to admit the real reason. It's a blanket cure-all excuse with just enough legitimacy to make it more believable than say, too many doors.

  9. I thought we were going with the handmaiden’s tale sex slave thing? The forced breeding and patriarchy? I thought the cloaks and bonnets were hot.🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Something tells me I would actually be met with real anger if I released a story about the dangerous possibility of progressives going too far and implementing totalitarian rule that vilifies marriage and relationships.

  11. You 100% would be, "abolish the nuclear family" is a legitimate slogan with some groups

  12. “They don’t represent all progressives!!”

  13. My roof doesn't add 10-70 extra km of travel distance to my vehicle in a day lol, of note for someone like me that is literally my entire commute to work, I would have to charge my car something like once a month

  14. What’s crazy to me is that there are still people who act like Apple didn’t do anything special when they released the iPhone other than marketing. It’s so weird how attached to the console wars people are.

  15. Those people are usually socialist/communists desperately trying to tell themselves that The State could have created the iPhone too. So they have to downplay its significance.

  16. Why else would someone look at that inflection point and say, yeah it’s not significant?

  17. If Hollywood really is the irresistible tool for influence that we think it is, then considering his recent political stances, I’m sure they absolutely will.

  18. Well in this case Hollywood would definitely be the tool.

  19. I’m excited for its launch but there’s no doubt it represents significant water in time, money, and opportunity.

  20. I hate significant waters in time, money, and opportunity.

  21. When water gets inside time, it actually starts to corrode it and cause problems, the beginning of which we are already suffering from today.

  22. So eating meat will always be worse for the climate and thus less sustainable than a vegan diet.

  23. Not really, things can be sustainable without being vegan. There are even more solutions as well.

  24. Regardless of what you feed them, meat will still require about 3 times the energy and nutrition that the same amount of plant matter would take

  25. So? Lots of things require more energy than plant matter.

  26. They don’t care about stuff like that, and they think it’s wrong that others do.

  27. To be fair, the article only listed one event of a pro-life protester being harmed by someone that wasn’t police. We don’t even know the full situation or their motives.

  28. With the gibberish at the top and colorful colors, I thought this was one of Dalle2’s images at first

  29. What's that term for being the aggressor, waiting for retaliation, and then playing victim? It's an acronym or something.

  30. I don’t think extra judicial punishment is ever justified.

  31. So just so we’re on the same page, you agree that access to guns IS legitimately a right…right?

  32. I have a theory that imagination is like singing. Some people are really good at it. Some people are just awful.

  33. The last one is the only one I feel works, those things like weird… but not like the others. Those look like the nightmares that the creatures from Floops FoOglies would suffer from every night.

  34. It's funny to watch arbitrary software restrictions finally bite Apple in the ass. There's so much software non-M1 iPads could run, but almost none they are allowed to. No other operating systems, no new features, no unapproved software, restricted into a total dead-end.

  35. What about vader abandoning the chase of the rebels to just immediately hop in his own ship and go after obi wan instead lmfao. Not to mention the full fighter squadrons that would be on a star destroyer.

  36. No joke, Obi-Wan flies off to that planet, lands, and then Vader lands, comes out of his ship, and literally says “Have you come here to destroy me?”

  37. 1,2,5, and 6. That's it. Go with those friend

  38. Is he that bad? Any examples or anything? Curious, because I never really tore down any of his videos or anything like that.

  39. I just mean with Vader and Obi-wan moving on to fit their original episode 4 roles, while filling in the gaps of time. For example we never saw how Obi-wan connected with Qui Gon to eventually learn how to turn into a force ghost later on.

  40. They're not granting a fetus rights, they're just outlawing abortion. If they were treating a fetus the same way a human infant is treated, then it could be claimed as an independent, etc.

  41. Sure, it doesn't hold water if you're already having trouble seeing the religious motivations of the Supreme Court.

  42. Republicans are the ones pushing to let you treat a fetus as a dependent, just like you demanded. That was your test for hypocrisy. It failed.

  43. So the thing about current efforts is that everyone expects them to increase just based on economics alone.

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