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  1. It's one thing to make an NSFW heroforge mini that at least has artistically-tasteful intention.

  2. lol looks like i hit a bit too close to home for some people here, judging by how many downvotes this got 🤭

  3. No, you were just being a bit rude. Because in HeroForge, it takes effort to make something look like a dick.

  4. Respectfully I disagree. Like I said; NSFW minis with artistically tasteful intention are perfectly valid. And it probably does take a lot of effort to make a convincing phallus, let alone pose it correctly on the model. But i've legit come across some fetish-related HF mini pictures on the darker corners of the web that gave me MMD-porn PTSD.

  5. So basically, The Force in Star Wars is an Active Stupid Neutral entity. Got it.

  6. Depends on your view of "Balance". Take Dark Sun: There's preserving magic which is just normal D&D magic, and "Defiling magic" which is magic that drains the land. Magic without defiling elements would be balanced, so "Bringing balance to the force" might mean removing the negative influences on it. Or maybe not, I'm not a Star Wars lore guy.

  7. Bringing balance to the Force is basically just balancing the ledger between the light side and the dark side. It's why the events of the prequel films went down; the jedi empire was so oppressive against all users of the dark side for such a long time that it caused the Force to funnel a shit-ton of potential into Anakin when he was born (hence Qui Gon's "his midichlorian levels are off the charts" line in the first movie). It's why Yoda pretty much says that Anakin's soul is too clouded for him to be on the jedi council. The same happens with Luke and Rey in the old films and the new films, for different purposes. The Force is basically "choosing" souls that are most likely to end up acting in ways that will work to keep the balance of power never too steeped in one direction for too long.

  8. Turn-based RPGs, point and click adventures, basically anything that doesn't require constant coordinated input split between movement & action input.

  9. The fact that youve gotten downvoted for saying this proves that this sub just wants to punch down on casual players at the end of the day. Fucking disgusting.

  10. I refuse to give any benefit-of-the-doubt whatsoever to anyone who asks for 250kp in IBS strikes. lmao

  11. Looks like Yuzu has less particle effects in parts

  12. After having read this, i'm just gonna make every boss encounter I do nowadays have Legendary Resistance.

  13. Nintendo forces GF to pump out games on the regular, practically on a schedule.

  14. i swear to god if this is a reference to what i think it is

  15. Interesting to see this news coming literally right after Wrestlemania.

  16. Board/card game gizmos that other players could join in on.

  17. Draw 1 for every 2 monsters sent. That's not greed, that's a -3. lol

  18. For anyone reading this, go and watch the ign review of the deck. A perfect example of choosing the worst possible reviewer for the job lol. The guy is uninterested in leveraging the decks possibilities and thus compares it to a switch at face value. In the end his argument for the mediocre review is that the switch does everything the deck does, just cheaper. Ignoring the possibilities of the steam deck entirely.

  19. Never forget that IGN started out as a N64 fansite way back in the day.

  20. That game (both the original and the remaster) was also done by a western studio. And they know that Metroid fans are smarter than the avg nintendo fan (something that I love to imagine really makes nintendo grind their teeth). They knew they'd get bad PR if they priced it at 60.

  21. It's in memoriam of a friend of mine. He got me into GW2, but I was depressed and didn't want to really join him in game so much, because I was afraid I'd lose myself in another MMO instead of working on improving my life.

  22. May I ask what your friend's cause of death was?

  23. -ixi says:

    Its like driving a Car: At first when learning there is way too much input from all the signs and everything you're watch out for. The more time passes, you'll filter out all the noise and you'll know what to look for.

  24. Yeah no im sorry, but if doing Dungeons in this game was actually like driving a car IRL, I would have died before the age of 20. Lol.

  25. Dungeons are the gw2 equivalent of abandonware. Even the devs haven't touched them since release because it's all spaghetti code and literally none of the original designers for them are left at the company. If you want an instanced dungeon experience that's genuinely closer to modern standards, just get to Lv80 and try out Fractals.

  26. This card is unique but it also basically gives every single deck(that uses monsters of course) a one-sided floodgate lol. It will NOT be used for what it's intended for and would mostly likely get banned.

  27. I kiiiiiind of maybe agree but as a lore nerd and roleplay enjoyer, I thought it would be fitting for Qadim to be the one to talk about himself and how awesome he is. Listen to his dialogues, he's pretty full of himself.

  28. I'm genuinely surprised to see the sub upvote you for making the lore argument vs. game mechanics. So much that I feel like i'm in the twilight zone seeing this

  29. Yeah it’s been a bad one for me many times. It took me a long time to figure out what was REALLY going on in that fight. There’s quite a lot about it that people doing training runs seem to neglect to mention (and possibly don’t fully know themselves!)

  30. Bro I have a full legendary armor set and even I can't remember the exact script process that needs to be followed to fight KC. =\ It's just a fucking stupid boss.

  31. ...get it, cuz... clorox...? no...? okay i'll see myself out...

  32. But guild halls are basically impossible to decorate on your own. Because they are for guilds.

  33. You can do anything with enough gold and motivation.

  34. Wings 1-3 are on the world map, just above the hot maps and bloodstone fen, their locations are also canon since you enter wing 1 with the pact from verdant brink, and the survivors you rescue meet you again at bloodstone fen (a very logical spot for them to arrive after just running south);

  35. Wing 4 itself is not under bloodstone fen, that's simply where the raid portal is. W4 is on the far left coastline of the verdant cascades next to Janthir Bay

  36. Because if they picked Mesmer I figured a new player would have a much easier time with Mirage

  37. I mean... YEAH, it's true, I just hate the fact that it's like that >_<

  38. As others said, generally every class can synergize well with others. If you really wanted to plan far down the line, a class that provides Alacrity would be strong since Necro elite specs can't do that. Things like Renegade(Revenant), Mechanist(Engineer), Mirage(Mesmer), Specter(Thief) and Tempest(Elementalist) or Untamed(Ranger)

  39. Sadge. You just have to learn the tips and tricks!

  40. Yeah I always just blink up the ramps now because I know that I can do that, as for the portal skips, I just gave up on trying to learn most of them because most of the time the partys I get just ignore my portals and it makes me feel like a fool when they dont take them. I also tend to take burn-out breaks for long periods of time every now and then, there's tons of skips i could do that i've forgotten how to do over the years and dont have the dedication to bother trying to learn anymore

  41. If you get halfway up the last set of explosive stairs you can just use the blink utility on the under-side of the wood paneling :p (alternatively you can mimic, blink, blink) throw down well of eternity and use the last utility for the condi-cleanse mantra, lol.

  42. Yeah I know all of that stuff now , it's just at the time it was just a bad experience that turned me off to fractals entirely

  43. That’s the EverQuest 1 style which is FFXIs main influence.

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