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  1. I'm gonna be upfront: I wrote two different drafts of a response to this before just deciding to keep it simple. I don't hate you, I certainly don't want you dead or hurt. And I don't like the people who do wants those things.

  2. It seems like you actually don't understand what gender is, so I'll link some helpful articles below for you to review. Hopefully, even though you may have your beliefs, you can understand that the general scientific consensus is that gender is a spectrum that is defined by how a person identifies, whether that's through conventional means or otherwise. I've done my best to find some relatively neutral sources, since I'm assuming websites like the WHO and Planned Parenthood may not be objective enough for you.

  3. Frankly, I think we're speaking past each other. I'll go over those articles and if I have any new insights I might respond again, but I feel as though what we have is fundamentally different understandings of reality. And I'm not sure if that's something we can change.

  4. I think you're correct. My understanding of reality is based on the progressive understanding of the human sciences and modern revelations in gender identity. Yours is based on feelings.

  5. Isn't this the guy who made a really gay looking video about how he used to look at transgender porn all the time?

  6. Friendly reminder that almost every single blizzard game has an equally entertaining alternative. It's not worth supporting them.

  7. I've recently had this conversation, and I just said dried beans and rice and fresh produce are pretty cheap, even with inflation. With that being said, I do understand that it can be much more difficult for people living in a food desert to find cheap produce. It's incredibly fucked up that that's true but it is.

  8. I'm just worried Pride month is more of a "keep people happy" thing instead of an actual celebration of lgbt+ rights

  9. If you're so worried about it, you should take the time to look it up and learn something. If it doesn't matter to you, you can trust that queer people see it as a celebration of their rights and as a meaningful way to show people that being queer is ok and we're not monsters or pedophiles or whatever fucking dumb shit people make up to bring down people that they refuse to understand.

  10. I mean no ads, free music without ads, and I can close the screen on my phone and listen to podcasts and shit at work. It's worth it for my, but obviously everyone has their preferences. I use YouTube a lot and so do many of my friends, so premium is worth it for me and I share it with my friends and family.

  11. That looks awesome way better than what kids are eating in US schools

  12. Mine cost like 35 and I've had them for almost three years. They stay in pretty well and are great for my job which requires a lot of physical activity. Mine look kind of stupid, so it's definitely not a vanity purchase lol.

  13. We called it stussy or the cool middle school s

  14. "the quality of video games is objectively measured by how hot the women are and how many times I've jerked off to them."

  15. Are you saying that portlanders voted for Walmart to close their locations? Because that's not how that works.

  16. I know, haha. My buddy moved up there before the Floyd protests, and in the middle of it i asked him how it was. He said it was maybe a few square blocks around the court house, but the rest of the city was pretty unfazed. People down here were talking like the whole city was razed.

  17. It's so frustrating for people who have never even looked at a picture of Portland to just take these stupid tik tok dear mongers at face value instead of taking the time to look shit up.

  18. This is why I do not buy blizzards shit and why I don't play overwatch. I genuinely liked the gameplay from the first one, but the company just tells their fans to get fucked constantly and without remorse, and they never actually deliver what they promised. Say what you will about no man's sky, but at least they took the next near decade to release free banger content to improve their game and make it up to fans. Blizzard now would literally never do anything close to that.

  19. "if you jump, I won't be able to eat your dead body"

  20. Tux took your job and fucked your girl and you still hold your coffee like that?

  21. Check out his Twitter, it's definitely not a gay agenda in the traditional sense

  22. People who leave their Starbucks cups and childs diapers in carts at supermarkets. You think anyone at that store gets paid enough to handle your disgusting biohazard trash? You think anyone in this world owes you enough to throw your kids fucking shit away for you? It is not that hard to throw trash away, there's a garbage can every 10 fucking feet in most markets anyway.

  23. It turns out a barely legal energy drink creates by two rich, coked out YouTubers is giving children heart attacks. Who could have seen this coming...

  24. Not a contest, the person asked how can people be so cruel to animals. And then I just shared that we're extremely brutal to so many species,and dogs are just one of them.

  25. Source? There are millions of vaccinated people that seem to be doing fine, but I'm curious to hear about where you got this information.

  26. The better question is how do you earn a billion dollars without wage theft and exploitation

  27. I work in the agricultural industry and I can say that once I buy some property I am going to raise my own goats and chickens for meat. The agricultural industry is worse than the vegan girl says. People wouldn't eat meat if they had to see the pigs from beginning to end.

  28. This is part of why I became a vegetarian, I think eating animals is fine but these animals are not in any way treated well before they die, and I don't have the money and resources to find a farm with respected animals to purchase meat from. Factory farming is awful and cruel and I wish that meant more to people.

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