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  1. He’s been very wrong on Venezuela for years. Refusing to condemn dissenters being imprisoned and killed.

  2. Don't be ridiculous, he'd just switch to selling to violent regimes that hate the west/israel

  3. No he wouldn't. I disagree with his uber-pacifist principles but he is generally consistent - to claim he would step up arms deals is silly

  4. Here's the email I've written to my local Labour MP if anyone wants to borrow the template:

  5. Insisting that X act be carried out or Labour doesn't support LGBTQ people, despite everything else that actually is done, requires X to be something more significant than failing to withdraw the whip from Duffield. Ideological purity is not a goal worth striving for, it just becomes totalitarianism.

  6. I don't know that I'd say obligated, but there are some fics I think anyone really into the fandom at large should read. The big one is Notes' Memorials trilogy, which is a really formative work in the fandom. A lot of fanon originated in Cenotaph and Wake.

  7. I respect the humility, but I think any syllabus would require Trailblazer as well

  8. I got an AC unit a couple of years ago in the sale. I’m so grateful for it

  9. Problem is it's a solution that helps any single person individually, but the data shows it harms more people total - mainly those who can't afford it.

  10. Reducing romantic relationships to a transaction of money = looks is just so sad. I'd pity these people if they weren't so fucking dangerous.

  11. YouTube unironically LOVES bigotry. They advertise daily wire and Prager because you watch LGBT content.

  12. Attention economy - people interact with what outrages them, so you market to a demographic that will be outraged.

  13. Solidarity and good luck to all of you from a public health worker.

  14. Ah yes, the doctrine of 'Everyone else should have to go out of their way to accommodate my antisocial actions'.

  15. I think OP meant habits regarding porn and porn addiction not masturbation in general.

  16. A dismissal means there wasn't any solid evidence. As far as these charges go, I can safely say he didn't do it.

  17. Innocent till proven guilty. Although after hearing about the texts he sent to minors I don't really want to defend him.

  18. And this is why the "defund the police" movement is ridiculous. Defunding is the police is exactly what the government has been doing for the past decade. Lefties unwittingly becoming Tories over this issue is painful to watch.

  19. It's a missaplication of US politics to Britain. In the US police absolutely need defunding and demilitarising but that's not a major problem in British policing.

  20. Agreed, a lot of people are trying to import US-style political slogans to the UK without bothering to adapt them to our situation.

  21. Nothing like the smell of whataboutery to justify Russian aggression. Monbiot really is a goon.

  22. For me the story here isn’t that a bookmaker didn’t help stop a problem gambler. That’s their business.

  23. Agreed, this has to come from much stronger government legislation and a levy on gambling firms to fund support treatment for people who are affected - which includes both problem gamblers and their partners, families, etc.

  24. As a guy I had absolutely no fucking clue some men felt like this. Deeply sad for everyone involved.

  25. Is there someone here that could explain this phenomenon, I have heard about this from my girlfriend and seems like she was right, there are quit a lot of guys like that. Why? Whats happening in their brain?

  26. As a guy I had absolutely no fucking clue some men felt like this. Deeply sad for everyone involved.

  27. Ring-Maker (Sophia & Emma) Trailblazer (Emma) Queen of Blood (Maddison) Daystar (Sophia & Emma)

  28. You have posted this comment several times. You might want to remove a few.

  29. Yeah but Rashford is also the type of player to just ghost games and then grab a goal from running in behind.

  30. Have we been watching the same season? Post-wc Rahsford has been on fire

  31. Yeah but have you been watching full United games? Rahsford doesn't do a whole lot except running in behind to score

  32. I've watched a few and I disagree, he definitely presses more than Salah who is much more guilty of what you're saying imo

  33. The Moral Hazard take is just bad. Maybe the commenter has better information about the topic he just hasn't shared, but simply using historical data alongside a date that implemented "Lenders of Last Resort" is simply not enough, considering that this measure has most likely been implemented in conjunction with other financial rules.

  34. Oh yes, I absolutely wasn't trying to dismiss the entire concept of moral hazard, just pointing out a plausible reason it might not be as relevant for central banks stepping in as a lender of last resort.

  35. I've got to reccomend Interviews with a Screenbug for creativity, really fun and interesting AU.

  36. But verify BEFORE trusting her (or him) though, right? Otherwise you’d be saying that no person could ever lie about something because their word is instantly true and anyone else’s is not.

  37. That's not how it works. Trust means taking the complaint seriously and invesitaging it - something which police often completely fail to do.

  38. He dated a 19 year old a few years back. Completely normal and legal. But naturally, freaks on social media had something to say about it. Then gaming commentator

  39. Robert Huth. Couldn’t believe we were signing a centre back that couldn’t start for Stoke, now one of my favourite Leicester players of all time.

  40. As a Stoke fan, I was glad to see one of my favourite players win the league but it sums up the way our medical team seemed to get things wrong a lot - didn't want to back the surgery he needed, thought his knees were gone so we let him go for win the league and we get relegated.

  41. I think back then many people (myself included) thought he was just a human wardrobe only there to win aerial battles. He had excellent positioning, football intelligence, leadership and was just a hugely positive influence on our team. Would kill to have that Robert Huth back in this current Leicester side.

  42. 100% that's what he showed for us for years. I think his strength and ability in the air made people overlook the fact he was actually a quality centre half.

  43. "The thing is with nuclear is that there might be a fat bald man with a crayon up his nose limiting his IQ who might press a button and blow everything up"

  44. I support an expansion in nuclear power but let's not pretend it doesn't have massive risks and ecological impacts and there haven't been huge disasters with nuclear plants previously.

  45. This is the same logic people who are afraid of flying use when they don't want to take a flight.

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