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  1. nahhhh the worst is "why would u do that to urself"

  2. hey siri does the skin around my fingernails have calories

  3. I doubt it honestly. it can be a symptom but for me it was because my body got used to eating sweet fuckall so I can't stomach a whole meal anymore, but otherwise its more likely to be a medical issue rather than psychiatric

  4. aside from snowflakes. idk. probably scarecrow or the light behind your eyes or something along those lines

  5. If your other tatt ideas are half as awesome as this one sounds like it’s gonna be, you’re going to have yourself an awesome collection!

  6. thank u !! the rest of the ones I have properly planned are for my grandad - a vine of tomatoes and a bunch of strawberries (he grew both) and The Moon tarot card (the moon is a long standing theme with my grandparents)

  7. Aw, those sound really beautiful and incredibly personal! I hope the whoever you work with does them justice and that they’re exactly how you envision them and better! 🥹

  8. thank youuuuu. I have some other vague ideas too. I'm planning on putting the tarot card on my thigh so I'm thinking of wrapping a snake around a part of my leg behind the card and around the side of my leg as a scar cover up since they're in an awkward place to cover and I like snakes as corny as they are in the tattoo world lmfao. might put one of the plants on the other thigh too? not too sure but I'm not legal to get them for a few years so it's all good :D

  9. because eating disorders aren't really about the weight. they seem like they are even to ourselves but they're really about the crutch. the calorie counting, the exercise the precision, the goals, etc. that doesn't go away just because you're a certain weight

  10. I'm a teen so it saves me money lol. my parents buy food and whenever they ask what I want I just suggest something my boyfriend likes since he's over a lot lol

  11. I don't know myself since I'm not gonna have any for all my hard work lol but the feedback was good !!

  12. Omggggggg!!! Not a Black Dragon Fighting Society reference! 😍 This sounds like it’s going to be absolutely stunning!!! 💙❤️💚💛

  13. YESSS 😭😭 he actually didn't know about those songs since they're not on apple music and he never went out of his way to research the lore beyond what he stumbled across but I was like "this shit is too funny to not include" and I feel like that's smth he'd say as well n he was like fuck yes 😭😭 so here we are

  14. small things like tryna raise my legs when I sit has been there since I was like 5. but the concrete thing I remember being like a switch in my brain was first when we were given a pack of gummy sweets each when we were like 10 in school and my friend and I were eating them outside and a boy passed us and turned up his nose as us and went "ugh you're so fat like". second time I must've been around the same age, little older and my class were chatting together in the classroom. it was an SPHE class (social personal and health education if this isn't a thing elsewhere) and we were on the topic of healthy eating and lifestyle and I so vividly remember the boy next to me grimacing slightly and saying "I'd much rather be underweight than overweight". I've been insecure about my weight since I was like 6 but obviously didn't really know what to do about it then, but that comment in particular was the first thing to put it into words in my head so clearly and make me actually think about it and be like "you know what. if I'm already after spending this much of my life fat, I might as well make up for it fully by being underweight instead of just getting to a healthier weight". like it was some kind of debt I had to make up for. like for every kilo overweight I am, I'll have to be one kilo underweight to make up for it.

  15. Reminds me of the time when somebody said that they ate their gold fish mid-binge lmfaoo

  16. The best feeling is when you have a bandage on and then take it off and scratch for the first time and most of the scabs come off

  17. YES 😭😭 I don't use bandages anymore lmfao I rlly should but yk. but when I did that was the besttt

  18. I disagree—I think a few of them most definitely had anorexia but maybe hadn’t been diagnosed yet. Especially the ones that had very specific behaviors like the girl who had gotten bigger during pregnancy and then went on a super restrictive diet, or the guy who was a jockey and had a lot of fear about gaining weight.

  19. I agree with you! there are some that are very clearly disordered. the one that comes to my mind is the older lady who had a fixation on things like whole foods and seemed terrified of the white bread she was given. seems like a mix of anorexia and orthorexia there undoubtedly

  20. I'm not recovered so I won't give any perspective on that context but that's definitely a very common thing I hear people talking about

  21. Lol yeah…I started being hyper aware of my size in relation to my peers at a VERY young age. Mom always made a point about dinners being low carb, low fat, no oil, etc…when I was 7 or 8 I was doing workouts out of her fitness magazines for hourssss. Relatable af.

  22. I was aware of mine young I just don't think I really had any care about other people's opinions bc I was autistic as fuck 😭 that didn't last too long but even if the version of me infront of me was younger than the age I started caring I would defffff still body check them

  23. This made me laugh a little bit, because I picture myself having this conversation. I’m sorry you’re seeing yourself/little you that way. Wishing you the best💛

  24. I laughed as well lmfao 😭😭 she asked n I was like "yep" n only later on I was like .....OHHHHHHH SHIT

  25. I'm painting a portrait of my boyfriends dog as a Christmas present for him and I spent an hour trying to paint one of the eyes yesterday and it's still not right n I'm going to lose my fkn mind


  27. I WAS TALKING ABT THIS TO ONE OF MY FRIENDS A WHILE AGO 😭😭😭 I'm Irish LMFAO those poor people had to deal with the fkn potato famine and now they have to watch me walk into a kitchen FULL of food, stand in the door for a minute n go "..... nahhh" n walk away 😭

  28. sorry this post is so old but I'm trying to re-register and it won't seem to let me.. is it still possible to do so?

  29. 4 digits is at least like 75% of a normal person's intake. you'd have to eat a genuinely physically sickening amount of yoghurt to get to that. it's definitely not that high whatsoever its literally impossible

  30. omg what the fuck. that's horrific the poor kid. can't even imagine how much that's gonna fuck him up for the future

  31. you were eating soup and massively missed your mouth twice and scooped a chunk out of your skin

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