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  1. It's better to be alone than in an unfulfilling/abusive relationship.

  2. Tbh, family is family. Friends are friends. Family doesn't become friends. Friends don't become family. A personal lesson

  3. I didn't either! My pup was bigger than expected and grew quicker than I thought. I have two crates and barely used either because he got used to stretching out, and I didn't want him to suffer. It's a personal choice!

  4. This was a conclusion I came to, and I would advise you to leave the relationship. It's self-betrayal for someone who will NOT do the same for you

  5. A Slice of Life with Power, Aki and Denji would break the world and cause world peace.

  6. To be honest, I’d expect to see that BEFORE entering a relationship (in the dating/getting to know each other phase), not that I have to be number 1 priority but they need to be willing to make space for me in their life. For me that would look something like spending time together a couple of times a week including at least 2 weekends a month. Obviously there are times when life gets in the way, but I would expect someone to try to make time for me from the start.

  7. Forever sad Matt's whole personality was just completely erased from his season. It could have been fun.

  8. I was about to say this! I don't like him, but it's sad that he was drowned in editing

  9. Regardless of what opinion people have about Jionni, it was so disrespectful the comments Vinny made about being the father of Lorenzo. I can't imagine how Jionni felt when that aired.

  10. I hate small talk with strangers that i dont know. Because i dont know what to say.

  11. Yeah, this. You're just catching up. Small talk with people you're with or interested in is different because you're most likely hearing things that are coming up that you already knew. “Got caught in the rain today.” you know they hate when it rains. “Work was rough today.” you know their boss is a jerk. “I’m a bit tired.” you know they have had a heavy workload and haven't slept well. Very different than meeting someone on a dating app/a stranger, and you have to go through the “fine, how are you” repeatedly.

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