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  1. I think there were some post apocalytic movies set in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s.

  2. There was a fairly recent one that's almost a dead ringer for a mad Max movie, bob hoskins is in it.

  3. Traitor, you should have your citizenship revoked for not wearing Cornish pasties like a true brit!

  4. I'm pretty sure dredd Vs Predator has been done in comics.

  5. They made sure they won't have to pay pensions to their royals by removing the royals altogether.

  6. Then bringing them back. Then getting rid of them. Then bringing them back. Then getting rid of them...

  7. Stalkers don't just follow you, they follow all your friends to trawl for information on you and how to ingratiate themselves to your friend group. Next thing you know they just start turning up wherever you're meeting your friends.

  8. By next year they'll be riding bicycles with "tank" written on the side.

  9. Even if it does skew the figures, are you seriously suggesting that men are just as likely to be victims of domestic abuse as women?

  10. My wife is disabled and struggles to get in and out of lower vehicles.

  11. I have similar problems purely because I'm tall.

  12. Another wearing giant gold chains, a clock medallion and an Adidas tracksuit. A Velocirapper.

  13. Another wearing a slouch hat and carrying a SPAS-12, velocitracker.

  14. All the socks that go missing in the wash.

  15. My little sister saw Rammstein live a while ago. Apparently it was awesome.

  16. Nuns generally prefer to see underage children engaged in inappropriate activities, not two consenting adults.

  17. Oh, come on now! Its not like all nuns are like that! Some of them think underage children make the best building foundations and/or fertilizer.

  18. An 18 year old and a 17 year old are absolutely able to hook up, unsure where it’s the case that they’re not?

  19. Not all states have Romeo and Juliet laws. I dont think California does.

  20. WTF? Is this still legal? I mean, it's bad enough that is was legal recently... but is it still?

  21. A lot of states passed laws to ban child marriage, in large part due to controversy over what was posted above.

  22. Kira and Ezri. Oh you mean starships?

  23. As a person who's never played the game but enjoys a bunch of the fanfic, I like Overwatch but hate what ABs done with it...

  24. Doesnt seem like a very Borg thing to do.

  25. Well, I just used a tax calculator to compare its calculation to my pay, which is a little over £50kpa and it matched. Then I ran £50kpa through the calculator and got back an effective tax and NI rate of 24.7%.

  26. I've watched it. There are no extranormal threats in the anime. And it's original IP so it's not like well, maybe in manga there are

  27. Dude, the characters literally have super powers. The terrorist has super hearing, the pacifist agent has super speed, theres an AI that identifies these people and recruits them as weapons.

  28. Theres a cyberised corpse being puppeteered. But yeah, I dont remember a giant monster either.

  29. Really? From what I've heard they end up everywhere...

  30. I'll believe it when my eyeballs melt in their sockets.

  31. Doubtful that would happen. Tactical nukes in Ukraine probably would not affect you, even if you were in Ukraine.

  32. His threats usually involve using Satan 2s on the UK.

  33. The king of the Netherlands is a licensed Boeing 737 pilot. He still flies for KLM to this day, to keep up with his flight hours.

  34. Dude, that's nothing, the Jordanian king was in Starfleet.

  35. The article was part of a Reddit post and I remember one guy saying it was bullshit because the BBC didn't maintain a lot of things like blooper reels. And everyone was like if the Queen says save this footage it's probably going to be there for all eternity

  36. That sounds like crap because HIGNFY put out different cuts ranging from 30min to, iirc an hour.

  37. Scottish oil, even while in the ground before its discovery, generates a powerful energy field. It's what gives a Jedi his power. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

  38. Wot, like gaffer tape? Don't think oil ain't no gaffer tape, mate.

  39. They weren't suckers. They saw an opportunity to open another front in their ongoing war with England. America's independence was an afterthought to the French.

  40. It wasn't another front, the Americans switched sides.

  41. What costs more, seven dollars worth of moon rocks or seven dollars worth of regular rocks?

  42. Well, to get the seven dollars worth of moon rocks you still need to send a rocket to the moon...

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