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  1. The literal translation of al-qaeda in English is "the base".

  2. looking forward to the formation of

  3. Where there is a sea, there are pirates

  4. [The Internationale plays faintly in the background]

  5. There's quite a large amount of maritime disasters.

  6. Don't forget their chain of no-tell Love-Motels in the 60s.

  7. So, the Polish people finally realized that cosplaying as a Nazi tribute band ain't a good look, eh.

  8. I really don’t get why Polievre is grouping himself with these people? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a conservative all all and I don’t like Pierre constantly knocking on my door every election cycle with borderline intelligence insulting anti Trudeau talking points, but he at least seems politically savvy and I don’t see how this benefits him. My only thought is that he thinks this may win him some votes from PPC voters and since conservatives pretty much always vote conservative he doesn’t risk losing many voters from the more reasonable right wing?

  9. The unconfirmed scuttlebutt was that Polievre is a bit of a jackass and not particularly good with playing insider politics to build the support from his peers. So he is hoping to use populist support to bring in a flood of party outsiders who's latched onto him personally to overwhelm people running a more traditional leadership campaign.

  10. That history alone may also seem 'short' for reddit drama standards, but the duration should take into account OP requesting people to send DMs if they wanted the recipe. This is only asking for more hassle by creating additional work.

  11. The guy seems to trying to keep the recipe secret from the wider internet with that whole DM business.

  12. I feel cynical about this because AZ is trying to screw everyone without contraception. Are these religious schools only? Are they trying to white wash our culture again?

  13. The University of Arizona is doing this not the Arizona state government.

  14. The idea was probably spontaneous conversation related to work, not the inane chitchat coming from the next cubicle that keeps you from being able to concentrate.

  15. Tl;dr: people working in extremely close-knit small-teams/highly collaborative and creative white-collar jobs (like your average architect) have trouble conceiving that there's other forms of office work.

  16. Or rather, this was a purpose built design that was then standardized as a cost saving measure, without regard to other effects

  17. The cubicle farm was definitely a more expensive and a step up from

  18. I think that last line is based on a myth from the soviat afghan war, they didn't make mines that look like toys. They just used the old stock of mines ment for Europe that were bright green until they could get sand colored ones. (Not saying the soviat use of mines wasn't horrific, just the "they made them shapped like toys" is a myth)

  19. The mine did look like a toy, but that part was an accident.

  20. I feel like eating variations of barley, lentils and tomatoes day in and day out would get old just as fast as eating regular MREs.

  21. All mediums and psychics are scams and this is just one of the ways they fool you.

  22. Dara O'Briain had a pretty funny routine about watching a psychic doing a show in Ireland and his first question was to ask if anyone in the audience had a mother named "Mary."

  23. If you watch the John Oliver episode on psychics, one of them does a show in Boston and asks the question: "Anyone have a family member with an "O" in their name? O'brien, O'flanigan, O'Flynn, something?"

  24. "Any of ye mams bomb a series of Unionist pubs in Belfast somewhere between the summer of 1971 and 1972?"

  25. that could be, it's been 30 years since I read it and haven't seen any of the show.

  26. The etiological myth where the three sons of Noah (Ham, Shem, and Japheth) represents the three races is a lot older than Mormonism.

  27. Jury nullification is the name and I believe the most famous cases it was used was racist juries refusing to give guilty verdicts to lynchers.

  28. Roe V Wade was won as a privacy issue, not an equal protection issue. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was concerned that this was a weaker ruling.

  29. Roe v Wade was conceived as an extention of Griswold v. Connecticut, which legalized birth control/contraception as a privacy issue between spouses.

  30. Antiwork got a chance to go mainstream and blew it big time.

  31. And whining on the internet is not activism.

  32. Babies adopted through private agencies are expensive. Adopting through foster care is often free, inexpensive, or you get paid, depending on the state you're in and the situation of the kids you're adopting. There are other financial perks for adopting through foster care as well, like college tuition waivers.

  33. A huge list of particular kinds of children. Usually what kind of parents those children came from, the race, perhaps haircolor eyecolor. Not every baby is getting adopted. It still doesn’t fix the core fundamental issue, giving birth is expensive, and It can be life-threatening.

  34. Not to mention, banning abortion will result in the birth of a vast number of babies that have severe birth defects--ain't not too many people lining up to adopt babies with severe Tay-Sachs.

  35. So, basically, one law for the rich and one for the poor.

  36. Oh my god, I just looked over these additional details - this guy is not only a moron, he will kill women who think this video constitutes legitimate advice.

  37. We are literally back at that HorsepasteTM business again.

  38. "Saskatoon man learns to make roast pepper soup and now thinks he's God".

  39. Or they could just find Lee's orders laying around the battlefield or a campsite:

  40. Or we get a real nice Spaniard to ask real politely for an Enigma codebook.

  41. Also didn't help that they'd cycle their daily code before the morning weather report at 6AM, meaning the German word wetter was almost certainly going to be in that message.

  42. And how they figured that part out was that due to padding--as it was often the case, messages were padded at the front, middle, and end with gibberish or irrelevant text to throw off cracking attempts (in one case to rather catastrophic results: e.g.

  43. They probably still feed them to us. The entire system is disgusting.

  44. Those dead animals go to rendering plants, where they get turned into your fancy soaps and candles.

  45. Not the one you're thinking of, but Farley Mowat wrote some cool books for kids about arctic survival. Lost in the Barrens.

  46. Its a great book, but the main twist of that novel: that everyone (including all the adults both white and indigenous, the book was set in thr late 1930s) thought Inuits were crazed homicidal lunatics when they were perfectly nice regular people--would be considered kind of silly today.

  47. Here's the thing though, I have critical reasoning skills and can read literature written in different eras and not throw it all on the book pyre because we think differently today.

  48. It more bespeaks to the ignorance of Mowat's readership in the 1950s that he could expect them to swallow that plot point without questioning it.

  49. Nah, the top mod just declared "abortion" to be surplus drama and is, presumably, from now on blanket banned.

  50. How can it be surplus drama when it's been less than a day and there haven't been any posts about it.

  51. Because there happened to be an abortion post yesterday.

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