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  1. Looking to sell my G-Shock GPW-1000-1B watch part of the Gravitymaster or Sky Cockpit series. It is the standard black version during its inital release. Normal wear and tear from daily use no other issues. Comes complete with original box.

  2. Uh.. you know, me might need to see it, or have a link or something. We cant tell you anything about it without seeing it or hearing specs

  3. They are extremely rare, but they are rarely sold in convenience stores, but it costs like 3 usd for a 113 g bag. And im just wondering if they will be sold by like the official company at regular prices lol

  4. Yea they do. And you can stuff them full of slurpee too. God I miss slurpees.

  5. Oh snap this briefcase is prob worth a good chunk of change.

  6. in my area they dont even have limons. sad times

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