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  1. Hang on, sorry for asking as I am a foreigner, but why cant they touch dogs?

  2. God the Viet Cong fucked with the South so bad til this day.

  3. I personally believe Artemis is an earth goddess, so any act that connects with nature (going on a hike, donating to save an endangered animala) is my way to honor her.

  4. Isnt this like the second Marbas post I ve seen today..

  5. Uhmmm can anyone help me translate this to normal English?

  6. I am more oriented in life compared to 5 years ago

  7. Thats what people keep telling me, but they were no more painful than any other vaccine.

  8. Hpv vacc was painless for me, but meningitis and rabies hurt like a bitch

  9. Damn they caught her in her tracks, under the umbrella ella ella of the Bavarian Illuminati.

  10. Monsanto doesn’t exist anymore. It was bought by Bayer a few years ago.

  11. At minimum it means you should stop parroting Monsanto hate that you read online, because clearly you don't know what you're talking about.

  12. Im from a country affected by Monsanto agent orange.

  13. Yep totally. I realized the goal of my life is to impregnate my bottoms

  14. I am foreigner working in Malaysia, can I join?

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