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  1. I disagree. If people are poor and suffering that's what the welfare state is for

  2. So subsidize them to move places where they can actually contribute to society. Don't let the government turn them into the frog in the boiling pot.

  3. ok, someone should go to prison for manslaughter. i'm not picky

  4. Unironically the game you're being flippant about is probably alot better lmao.

  5. I think it's often too easy to dismiss the pain that this kind of thing can cause when it's people you had previously considered close friends

  6. Is there a term for dudes who are into women who look like Alia Shawkat?

  7. That's the least of the problems with transporters: they have to continually contrive reasons why they can't just whisk the heroes away the moment danger presents itself or why they can't just teleport a nuke into the centre of the enemy ship when a space battle starts.

  8. For real, why don’t billionaires pay more taxes? Like why doesn’t the GOP want to raise taxes on the 0.1%?

  9. Just found out I was spreading Nazi social credit theory nine year ago as a child.

  10. The guy from Reading Rainbow also played Kunta Kinte in Roots.

  11. reminder that Milton Friedman advocated for a NIT as a transitional measure away from welfare completely and not necessarily as the absolute best arrangement. He said as much in various writing and interviews, that given that these systems have been implemented it would be inhumane to cut it off cold turkey. But in, say, a country where no welfare system existed previously, he would not have been in favor of instituting a NIT

  12. Can someone who has watched All Quiet confirm whether or not that scene in the crater was kept in the movie?

  13. If you're unsure about legalizing prostitution because you don't know if it can be regulated safely, but you think it should be destigmatized to the point you'd be willing to marry a prostitute, does that make you a hypocrite?

  14. You had turkic nomads claiming to be the rightful Roman ruler and contesting it with a distant group of mongol subjects who had no contact with Rome [i.e. Russia].

  15. Holy shit, I got my Gloomhaven setup/breakdown time down to 15 minutes.

  16. The real trick is to just leave the game you've been playing out for months at a time.

  17. If Rowling were a better storyteller, Malfoy would have been Harry's equal.

  18. I actually liked that by book 4 or 5 he was so lame he was barely worth caring about. Like, Harry had faced off against Voldemort multiple times at that point and the most Malfoy does is make mean buttons about him. It weirdly helps ground the story by making him outgrow his natural rival to the extent that he ends up fighting against his dad. Which is why Malfoy's whole plot in six feels so pathetic.

  19. How would you rank the following objectives in your ideal incarceration system?

  20. I got it a couple years ago and was so bored after a few rounds that I returned it.

  21. Is Marianne Williamson like Fetterman but for presidential candidates?

  22. No, because she's not going to spoil anything for actually good candidates.

  23. If Democrats resent the ingratitude of red states that are net beneficiaries of welfare, they can always just get rid of welfare.

  24. It’s kind of weird how geometry is quite inelegant if you think about it. Diagonal lines through a square? Except in some special cases, they’re probably going to be irrational in length and you have to approximate them. The diameter of a circle with a integer radius? Always irrational.

  25. Didn't the Pythagoreans kill someone for discovering that the golden ratio is irrational?

  26. I haven't really looked into it, but I would assume no. These are new stuff that comes with the dlc that are different than the country dedicated stuff.

  27. Didn't Conquest of Paradise get Native Americans new stuff when Leviathan (at least I think it was) came out?

  28. FYI, You don't need nukes to create widespread, civilization ending devastation. The worst effects of a nuclear winter (if possible) don't even need them.

  29. I can't fathom that a country would destroy the very thing it is going to war to gain. Like, if one country is desperate for arable farmland, it might invade a neighbor, but not in a way that leads to the destruction of any significant portion of that arable farmland.

  30. Just watched A Bridge Too Far. What a deeply sad but overall stunning WW2 movie. The practical effects, especially the mass para trooper drop of hundreds of soldiers, are amazing. It's also mind blowing that when they made the movie there would have been countless people with living memory of fighting or experiencing the war. When the movie was made, operation Market Garden had only taken place 33 years prior. The movie is 46 years old now.

  31. The guy who plays Montgomery was actually part of his staff during the war.

  32. 30 Rock said stuff like this and still made Republicans more sympathetic than any other comedy made this century.

  33. The amount of dumbass iconoclastic populism during the French Revolution is crazy. Melting down the insides of the Notre Dame, using the Bayeux Tapestry as a tent, making a new calendar

  34. Would it have been better for American politics if Superman let Air Force One crash, taking Jimmy Carter with it, and allow Walter Mondale to become president?

  35. unironically biden could massively further increase his support in UK by coming out in favour of UK again over Falklands, and remind everyone of his own comments last time again


  37. You're gonna call the pope a commie but the best you can muster up for Peterson is "weirdo"??

  38. Just read about Chicago selling rights to it's parking for 75 years to investors from the UAE for 1.16 billion dollars. Parking generates around $200 million a year. So now the taxpayers are losing out on roughly 13.6 billion dollars.

  39. I think by the 4th book the midnight releases of the novels were filling up book shops, it was quite the thing

  40. Guarantee you that's the last time you ever see something like that on that scale. Martin could announce the release date of TWOW tomorrow and stick to it and people can just buy it on Kindle or whatever rather than sit around and wait for it.

  41. it's funny how the rhetoric around means testing goes from "it's important to make sure people don't cheat the system" to "there's nothing wrong with cheating the system as long as it's legal" when Based Daddy Bezos is the one benefiting from a program not meant to benefit rich people

  42. You're comparing public policy to a private actor. Should the system be designed such that Bezos benefits from, I don't know, social security? Of course not. Am I going to blame him if he decides to cash that check every month? Of course not.

  43. I just mean become popular again, not that he would have it again.

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