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Kentucky State Rep. Pamela Stevenson had words for her Republican colleagues over a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for youths.

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  1. I just want whoever posts these to know that I personally don’t care.

  2. OP is a culture warriors who wants to make you as miserable as they are.

  3. There's like 2 inches of rock hard penis combined in this picture.

  4. Liberal men can't stop thinking about right wing dick.

  5. Extremely secure, so it isn't that. I definitely have a serious hate of stupid people who pretend to be intelligent. I find the penis thing goes hand in hand. I'll go ahead and move your user name to the douche column.

  6. How do you so much about all the penises of such a large group of men?

  7. Or maybe I don't believe a word of what I said and just do it for fun? It's pretty easy to do and doesn't involve modifying my "sense of reality" at all.

  8. This sub would be great if it had a filter for people like you.

  9. do NOT let this guy know about the humor in any branch of the military. my god. he'd have a heart attack the second a remotely funny joke was made

  10. I’d rather touch my balls to your forehead.

  11. Why do liberal men all have such (barely) closted homoerotic feelings?

  12. Gender has literally nothing to do with biology. Gender is a grammatical term that became adopted into sociology through feminist theory. Gender is not biology, and it certainly is not “advanced biology”. Gender is incredibly irrelevant to biology.

  13. The only reason English has two similar words for the same concept is because it's a mashup of 3-4 distinct languages, so we have multiple words for everything from those sources.

  14. 1950s basic biology: we probably shouldn’t destroy large portions of the human brain

  15. 1910s basic biology: we should let people marry who they want

  16. how do you talk to people who are ideologically inconsistent bootlickers? who hate how their lives suck but never want to punish corporations unless its about wokeness? who dont want to hold politicians accountable unless its a democrat? who worship cops but hate when the fbi raided trump. what are you supposed to do? when you advocate for ANYTHING to help their lives they call you socialist communist scum.

  17. Well that's because one is the person you're voting for and the other isn't. You realize that they aren't the same person just because they have the same last name?

  18. Liberals really think they found a magic loophole for corruption

  19. Some in order, that Covid wasn’t real, that it would just go away (Easter miracle), that no lockdowns were needed because Trump’s Operation Warpspeed vaccine would save us, that if Biden got elected the whole Covid nonsense would go away because the media would stop blowing it out of proportions (then the Delta wave happened).

  20. No one other than a few fringe loonies ais covid wasn't real.

  21. It's so hard to find information sifting through such fast moving channels.

  22. I’m fucking looooong done with christians hiding behind their stupid bible to justify all their hate and bigotry.

  23. I do hate people who remove genitals from children, and the Bible has nothing to do with it.

  24. Reddit never wasted an opportunity to blame republicans for something.

  25. Especially when they are spreading disinformation. The amount of Federal funding for universities has never gone down.

  26. I don’t know that means

  27. I believe that you're defending things you don't even understand.

  28. For the low price of 80 coins they'll hook you up

  29. Niantic focused on everything but this game

  30. Yep I have this fear. And keep telling myself I need to get on track. I spent the first 30 something years of my life being able to just naturally be healthy. Now as I approach my 40s I feel it starting to slip and I’m starting to have a real fear. Not about dying but about being old and spending the last 10-20 years of my life in a very negative place because of choices I made with my health. Think of most old people you know…imagine that kind of suffering where they let it go so far (not even just being fat) and have issues walking or doing basic things. Fear of death is much more fear of lifespan for me. With that said I think Joe has the right idea to stay on top of his health the way he does…

  31. There's a saying that's been rattling around my mind a lot over the last few years:

  32. Your example of comparing Rogan to Slater ignores their genetics.

  33. Just look at his bio dad from the video the haters keep posting in here. Guy looks like death warmed over.

  34. Brandon Tan is getting scorched on Twitter for mentioning it in a recent video lol

  35. It was a colossal mistake then, and it's a colossal mistake now. The whole Candy XL system is a mess, for that matter.

  36. The XLs are just fine. What's a mess is how they implemented the stats and CP values that result in 0/15/15 being used so heavily.

  37. I would be shocked if this group was even capable monitoring Chinese social media, or any other non-English platforms.

  38. Taxes… imagine having a tax bill higher than 99% of the planets income..

  39. If you are middle class in America, you are in the top 10% globally.

  40. Wait until you find out he's talked endlessly about guantanamo

  41. Very generous to assume this guy isn't just a shit poster who just sees everything through a simplistic tribal filter and then reacts.

  42. If you don't like the way the Romainian jail system works, don't fucking go to jail in Romania.

  43. If you don't like the way the Russian jail system works, don't fucking go to jail in Russia.

  44. In this case the dude who said this is a far right conservative, though. He supports Trumps ffs

  45. It takes like 5 seconds on google to see you’re wrong as long as you read past the headline.

  46. Again, that is the point of the post.

  47. That's not true. Prepper types are usually very into homesteading.

  48. Honestly Bill Burr seems to be the only guest that really gives him push back.

  49. You don't want push back, you want someone to just repeat talking points you agee with.

  50. Echo of positive opinions towards Lex. He tends to ban anyone even remotely critical of him.

  51. Thanks for including that bit at the end so we all know what you're really triggered over and how shallow your worldview is.

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