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  1. The problem is you've already gotten used to the ps5 quality. The rest of us had to grind the utter trash that was the ps4 version until we got used to the bullshit. Then we received the awe inspiring gift that was the ps5 update. Tell your friend to get a ps5.

  2. Lol I literally just told him that today in almost the same exact fashion. Like you said it seemed like before the next gen systems, the way the ps4 version felt was the norm. He has a PC and i think hes willing try it out on there so we'll see.

  3. An internal SSD is better than the external. I load right behind ps5 owners and way ahead of anyone without an internal SSD to include the one friend of mine that has an external. In additon to that it may be the settings of his controller. They may be a slower set up than yours, such as turning radius etc which would make it seem clunky to you.

  4. I changed the settings to my settings back at home actually. Could it possibly be his monitor and or his controller?

  5. Haha yeah we did jump an elderly blind man, but yeah a real let down. Odin was cool but as a guy who knows little about norse mythos, I really like what you just describe. Also, as far as an epic war goes I really wanted that too. I was thinking back on that mist part with the hordes of enemies when you find the norns, and they couldve gave us something like that where all the enemies are really weak and there's hordes of em and between all of that cinematics and mini bosses could pop up til we get to Thor...Iunno just something epic and cool... I really do still like the game but I like it even less after thinking on it for like 2 weeks now and after palying the side content. 2018 was my first GoW and I really just thought this game would be that but better, but if I am being honest ragnorok is only better in combat and AMOUNT of content. See man you got me started again haha

  6. The ending was terrible marvel esque bs I hated how they tried to make us like thor like fck off we wanna kill him

  7. I agree sorta. Id rather hate him but I didnt mind them trying to get us to like him but rather we like them or not they shouldve given us a better fight... Also, they did spend a good bit of the game trying to make him likeable during Atreus' part and for me personally it was too early for that.

  8. I'm in New York and on this particular day I decide to give up smoking. So instead of wasting them I decide to give them to New York's finest, the NYPD. You see I'm a Utilitarian, I always try to take the action that's best for society which in this case is not wasting a pack of cigarettes, and slowly killing a cop.

  9. Hey I cant upgrade to extra. Its giving me "An unidentified error" prompt everytime I try. I can buy games but cant upgrade. Any solutions?

  10. I bought the ps4 version and was able to upgrade to ps5 version but upgrading on a cheaper price does sound like breaking the rules haha

  11. It's a free upgrade right, doesn't include a fee to upgrade like God of war Ragnarök?

  12. I dont think so. but 1. I didnt get mine on sale and 2. I have ps plus. You should be alright but I dont wanna screw you up.

  13. 2 years ago i caught up to the manga and have been reading as it comes out ever since and it’s been rough 😭 i still love it and i might adopt the non ranking of an arc till it’s finished

  14. To be fair, this arc feels like its JUST now starting to get into the 2nd act. Lets give it a second.

  15. What genre would you consider this? I wanna learn how to make stuff like this. Very well done.

  16. Yeah I kinda wish it was delayed by a year just to make that epic ending. 100% a failure to not fight on the snake as your fighting Thor. And change in scenary. Could have still ended the same. Narrative beats were great.

  17. Funny you say that cause I never played the old GOWs. I wasnt allowed to as a kid and never got to em as an adult haha. Tbh though I have heard about GOW3 and how goated it is. But yeah alot of the things that didnt happen just seemed like no brainers.

  18. Becaise Patrice was actually a real comedian and genuinely funny guy who could freestyle 30% of his show. This guy cant freestyle a fucking shower .

  19. Stop... I dont agree with what Akaash did but we arent gonna sit here, anonymously type to each other and imply he isnt a real comedian. Most of us dont even realize what it really takes to be a comedian.

  20. Nah cause they've gotten better in almost every way. The match making issue really sucks but in 14 we had no rollback and a bunch of other problems with it. Why give up on a company that is getting better with each release? I'd probably give up on 15 after the crossplay update (if it doesnt fix anything) but not SNK themselves. Let them learn and grow like all great companies.


  22. She's shaped like one of those flat oval rocks. Thats probably why she got skipped.

  23. No Guarantee it will solve your issue but my go to first steps with any xbox app releated issues is

  24. I agree but this talking point youre using is just as overused lol

  25. Yo congrats to that chick Aya and all but was she really that funny...? Am I missing something?

  26. Matchmaking is broken but if you are interested just buy it. It goes on sale often enough,its insanely fun, netcode has been crisp as hell, and on top of all that you can join a discord and get matches at almost any point. Also, its important to note that they are aware of the issue and are def looking into how to fix it. I think its on sale now but I could be wrong on that.

  27. Love how perfect everyone is in the comments. Good to know everyone here will be very calm and move their seats with no issue after beer gets thrown on them lol.

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