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  1. Yes. You're better than me. (BASED ON HANDWRITING). I failed tests due to my handwriting. I studied without sleeping. But because of my handwriting I failed. (In HIGHSCHOOL). Now in college nobody cares how my handwriting look. IDK why

  2. That so called Mahatma (sage), Mahatma Gandhi.... IDK why Gandhi is the father of MY India. To me Subhash Chandra Bose is the Father of MY INDIA.

  3. Interstellar! One of my favourite movie of all time! I remembered the time when it got released. 2014... I was, I think, was 11 or 12. Me, my cousin, my friends and my cousin's few friends watched the movie in theatres. In my memory, it was the first movie, may I repeat, Interstellar was the FIRST and the last movie that I have ever cried. Everybody teased me, but, they all know the beauty of Interstellar. But today, IDK know where my friends are. I only know my cousin. I have lost touch with my friends. Now I don't even know if they're alive or not...

  4. There is no evidence we live in a simulation not even a drop of evidence

  5. I read this with an Indian accent while bobbing my head left and right.

  6. And do you have a question concerning your food photo? If not, why are you posting it here?

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