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  1. Wait are you serious..? You cut it it looks like. Non rounded corners are one thing but it’s just an octagon now..

  2. Oh wow really aha, I'll defo look into it. Tbh I'm looking to sell them all anyway so I'll see what avenues are available to me

  3. I see me!! 🥰 so beyond grateful you guys picked my character. If only my hair looked like it everyday 😍

  4. Error card, definitely a keeper, the location looks like a stomp and a collector would love it.

  5. Not sure what kind of a list you’re looking for.. it’s a playing card deck with Pokémon on the cards.

  6. The list with all the different Pokemon on those cards offcourse

  7. The fact that someone creamed on it.

  8. No longer being a multi-chain wallet, will it still have multi-chain withdraw features? For example, withdraw/deposit from banano network

  9. This is how I will now refer to American money, I think it makes sense why Psyshock has rattled the whole USA.

  10. I’m interested in all rainbow and gold cards. Will be home later on to check what I have that you’re looking for.

  11. Most would say earrings and yes they’d be nice but I think they’d look even more stunning on a 2-3 finger ring.

  12. If you are going to sell there or are trying to trade them for something please let me know. I’m mostly interested in the blisters with minum and plusle but would consider buying all.

  13. I have several slabs you might want. You collect CGC and PSA or are only looking for one grading company?

  14. Mainly PSA, but I can also look at CGC!

  15. Okay let me get a list together for you really quick so you can let me know which ones you’d like pictures of.

  16. I’d bet a few museum curators and other people have worn it as well throughout the years off the record….I mean you kind of have to if you have the brief opportunity.

  17. I actually highly doubt this. Seeing to the fact all the security protocol necessary in display cases for temporary displays is meticulously monitored and accounted for every second of its journey. Wearing it would create an immediate need to clean it so the time gap necessary for even trying it on is quite unlikely to be given.

  18. Of course not! Maybe style them to work well with a patterned suit or even a tuxedo that has a matching colored pinstripe down the pant leg or handkerchief and bow tie set. The ideas in my head right now have zero negative cufflink possibilities.

  19. Okay I’m not sure if I’m allowed to suggest this so if I’m not please let me know but if you’re looking to build a modern deck but need repeats of cards you don’t have multiples of I can likely help you with on getting to 3-4 because I have a lot of bulk from streaming.

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