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  1. Oh yeah, my gramma had two of these when she was younger. Named it cistcilia lol

  2. WHY the beef was already cooked WhY would she continue cooking it with the rice?!??

  3. That looked like a silly face, how old are you? That’s a lot of dirty dishes to keep in your room….

  4. That might not work out because not every single ace likes garlic bread.

  5. That post should really be reported. Nothing gets rid of stretch marks. You can try and prevent them, but you can't get rid of them, especially not to that extent.

  6. My dad once tried to convince me that Coca butter and cocoa lotion together would get rid of the stretch marks on my legs, because according to him he met someone at the grocery store who said they got rid of some scars by using those two things together.

  7. I’ve seen this before! There’s a news story about it somewhere, basically a wire went down and it got caught on the car.

  8. Why did he start running so early? Car was like, at least twenty feet away when he started up lol

  9. Reminds me of that one chick that served Gordon Ramsey grilled watermelon on Hell’s Kitchen

  10. Ugh, those are the WORST. I’ve gotten a few ones that were super painful, but then a few days later I’d barely touch Em and they’d explode

  11. Would’ve been so much cooler if they did chocolate, but put more cake inside of the chocolate.

  12. I thought it was just from pressure (I sleep on that side a lot), but It grew, and the pressure was feeling different from normal swelling so I decided to see if squeezing it would help (preciously had a similar issue on the other side, although much much smaller), and this monster load came out! Along w some blood build up. Made the same sound as when water comes out of your ear, and it surprised me so much that it actually made me nauseous lol.

  13. Had more than one of these experiences, but this one is the one I remember the clearest. When I was younger, like 10ish I think, I would randomly get dreams that were like, clips of memories or something. I always knew it was from my perspective, and I never thought anything of them. (I usually don’t dream about myself or my perspective, and if I do it’s never the real life version of myself. This dream was different).

  14. Update: I checked my completed quest list and the quest doesn’t even exist anymore 😭

  15. Y’all should check out the woman he colabs w sometimes, she’s the watt pad fiction writer side of things

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