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  1. Anybody got a link that works for mobile?


  3. Dont become complacent with your job even if it feels redundant. Make sure to get out and look before hooking up to a trailer. No matter how many times u done it you will find yourself like me having to do the crank of shame because you high hooked a trailer.

  4. Its constant bending down and picking up boxes all day over 12 hr shift for 5 days straight. Boxes could weigh 50 pounds. A lot of strain on your back

  5. Had someone today while fueling go inside the store for a sody water. Come back to finish fueling because the pump stopped while he was in store. Pull up then go back inside for another 10 min and then the kicker is he goes to park in a spot

  6. Ha i got a nice ad for bounty napkins. Loseremote:free_emotes_pack:sob

  7. No i do it. Very smart as u can’t trust these rookie drivers. Just some places have no parking signs there

  8. Im local and I keep getting this feeling that I belong OTR. I have social issues that makes it hard to make friends or do really anything outside the apartment. So im binging tv or on my pc. The only thing that’s preventing me is

  9. What happens when u don’t turn your lights on in front of your house

  10. I know when I was at Werner people would take the wrong trailers all the time. Not paying attention to the 1 or 2 numbers that are different. Pain. In. The. Ass.

  11. I use to drive for werner and I always got sent across a busy metro city empties for empties just for it to be not there or the shipper needs it. Then wait another 30-60min for another

  12. Well if it makes u feel better i have a dirty kink of second hand smoke. Love the smell of cigarettes

  13. I did it for a mega. Multiple stops. You have to go inside to watch them unload. You check each pallet against the BOL to make sure they aren't taking the wrong one. You will take it more seriously after you end up short on the last stop and you have to go track down missing pallets. If it's a reefer it's 3 zones and you are responsible for operating the bulkheads for the dock workers.

  14. Do you mind sharing the mega you were with? Walmart account sounds peaceful. Was it good pay?

  15. Not a walmart company driver but I have taken some runs to stores for them before. Just like any other place, show up, hit the dock, wait for them to unload, sometimes they give you shit to take back to the DC like stacks of pallets or other crap, then you go back to the DC and drop off the trailer.

  16. The down slope of your mental health driving in buttfuck nowhere OK/TX

  17. Well where have you been the most. Did your run more west, mid, or east?

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