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I'm giving away an iPhone 12 Pro/Max/Mini to a commenter at random to celebrate Apollo for Reddit's iOS 14 update, plus the new iPhones, plus some cheer amongst COVID. Simply leave a comment and you're entered! Good luck, winner announced in 24 hours at 11 PM GMT.

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  1. are you playing on a resolution lower than you monitor´s? i had this issue when i wanst on 1080p (my monitors res)

  2. Kyle just chilling in the background... maybe a D session? hope so

  3. Que site usam para apostas múltiplas?

  4. This. The popular name in Portuguese is "crista-de-galo", btw.

  5. Thank you! ou obrigado se vc for brasileiro/portugues :)

  6. ill stick around starts @ 18:25

  7. Taylor with the AntiTrump shirt for the WIN!

  8. What does that shirt means?

  9. Looks like it could be an Alstroemeriaceae, aka Lily of the Incas or Peruvian Lily

  10. my favorite player to watch for the past few months.

  11. GJ man. just a tip i think you can cut the video on youtube even after you upload it. cheers

  12. is there actually any way to watch a twitter video with good resolution and that don't break the player everytime you pause?

  13. mibr slowly turning into a t2 team rofl

  14. não é fake, essa mina eh da live de um cara (brisasuave acho q o nome dele), e isso ocorreu em live kkkk

  15. It's never going to be as functional as a regular MacBook. I'll get down voted but iPad OS is still too watered down.

  16. 100% agree with you. Maybe for the very minority of people that basically uses the iPad as a browser machine it can replace the macbook. But for people who uses specifics softwares (excel and word in my case) it will never be as useful. Even for excel macbook is behind windows...

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