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  1. Then your argument isn't based on any data, just wishful thinking?

  2. It's based on what the words "consent of the governed" means. Did the governed consent, or did the nonconsentors exist free of governance? No? Then it's not a democracy, because by definition democracy requires consent of the governed. Therefore did women in America consent to be governed? Well, without the right to vote, they obviously couldn't consent. Did they exist free of intrusion into their lives by the U.S. government before they acquired the right to vote? No, quite the opposite. Therefore, the U.S. had a government that was not consented to by the governed, ergo, it was not a democracy.

  3. Then that has bearing on the topic at hand. The argument was that Constitutional monarchies are the most successful form of government.

  4. I know that it was completely irrelevant for Marano to run this twice, but I kind of get it. Even for this level of play, a 788k pot is an insane amount of money. Even if it is 99% certain he will win, it probably just felt less emotional with running it twice.

  5. Lol Canada is the most technically true answer on this list. Kim Campbell technically was Prime Minister. She was in power for 3 months after her predecessor resigned due to unpopularity, she did nothing, immediately called an election, then lost in the biggest wipeout of her party in Canadian history.

  6. Just a question, but how do you cook without fire or electricity?

  7. You don't. You pre prepare your food the day before. Today, crockpots are very popular with Orthodox Jews. They get around the issue by allowing you to turn it on before Shabbat.

  8. So if you can’t use fire or electricity… you aren’t cooking at all, to be clear

  9. Not true. You can cook shrimp in lime juice. That won't help Jews much though. They can't eat shrimp.

  10. I filled out a tax form for a $7 capital loss this year. There isn't a minimum amount that you need to hit before telling the government.

  11. How do you all feel about the REITs? Specifically NWH.un and AP.un. are you guys selling them or increasing your shares? My other REITs are also in the negative and I was thinking whether it would be a good idea to sell them and buy other discounted stocks like TD

  12. I like the idea of REITS, but I don't feel like we have good diversified products in Canada. I would totally buy diversified collection of REITs, but I feel like that is too much of a pain in the ass at the moment.

  13. who could have foreseen this?

  14. My college's student council unironically had a campaign to encourage students to refuse to pay increases in rent. I always wondered how many people were evicted because of this shit advice.

  15. Rishi Sunak stumbling back-asswards into a re-election.

  16. Nobody wanted this. The elected officials aren't radiant the people they claim to. How is it exaggerating?

  17. Macron literally ran on this in his last election. You are factually wrong that no one wants this. Macron was elected with this as a key part of his campaign.

  18. Jesus, just googling their stock and looking at their 1y and 5y breakdown you would see this is barely outside the norm for their stock. They are constantly fluctuating between the teens and single digit stock price. This is not the canary in the coal mine everyone is making it out to be.

  19. Honestly, they are trading at a PE of 3.7, which tells me that the risks that this bank may have problems are priced in already.

  20. Highly educated, entreprenurial folks have highly educated, highly entreprenurial kids. Look at Asian immigrabts to the US, it's the same.

  21. Ya, highly educated, highly entrepreneurial people tend to have 2 kinds of kids and nothing in between. They either end up super successful or end up as complete failures who accomplish nothing and blow their money.

  22. The US hasn't purchased any oil for the SPR yet. It would make sense to do so, given the price dynamics, but they have yet to announce any purchases or make an bids.

  23. They have. They have bought futures contacts. This means that they have locked in a price for future shipments. Those shipments just haven't been scheduled to arrive at the storage facilities yet.

  24. Is the US still emptying strategic reserves to lower gas prices? Edit - looks like we stopped in January.

  25. Not only has America stopped, Biden has begun refilling it using future contracts at $70 a barrel. This means that the US government would have made a profit off of dumping their reserves.

  26. while that might be true, the wealth inequality in the world today is not an immutable fact of nature. Other economic systems can and have existed, and are not really comparable to the laws of physics.

  27. There is an easy way to fix wealth inequality. Burn all global crops and destroy all productive capabilities.

  28. A lot of what gets called "economics" is basically just astrology for MBAs

  29. MBA is not an economics degree. It is a business degree. Economics is in the Social Sciences while and MBA would be given by a business school.

  30. He didn't say no rate hikes until 2024. He said that rates will begin moving to 4% by 2024. Essentially he confirmed that it will start before 2024, but not fall below 4% until 2024.

  31. I listened to Powell's speech and he was extremely detailed about his plan going forward. I see no reason not to trust it right now.

  32. Can we Bugs Bunny Massachusetts along with Florida?

  33. I have thought this since her run for president. Bragging about being 1/1000th Indigenous to try and dunk on Trump and pandering to extremists on the Left created a bad taste in my mouth.

  34. Yeah, and he'll get to retire well before that age. It doesn't effect him or anyone he knows and he doesn't care. People who work hard, menial labor are. That's two less years they have of a somewhat functional body to enjoy retirement with.

  35. I guarantee that Macron is in the subset of the population that enjoys their career and feels fulfilled by it. So he probably won't stop working at all, just take some time off here and there.

  36. Genuine question since I know this sub seems against keeping the retirement age low. Why is that bad? With ever increasing productivity why do we need to work more? When can we pass along some of the gains of increased productivity to the workers themselves?

  37. Keep in mind, this isn't about changing the retirement age, this is about changing the age in which you get a full pension (a more generous Social Security).

  38. I know this is article is listed as an opinion, but is there a large group who disagrees with banning fentanyl of subways?

  39. Its stupid and useless. The real solution is to figure out how to have people use Fentanyl less and/or do it in a safe way.

  40. If I am paying through my taxes for something to be accessible, then the government has a duty to guarantee access to that service.

  41. If that's the interpretation of what I said then you have missed the point.

  42. If you can't understand what profit margins are, then you probably aren't qualified to talk on this topic.

  43. lol. No worries buddy, you can talk to yourself about whether the increase in my categories GM and GP is in real terms or not lol.

  44. And I'm sure you, the super genius who is subbed to GME subs, has deep understanding of corporate profits.

  45. XEQT's Q1 dividends is up 5% from last year. That just shows how even with the price volatility, global earnings are still growing.

  46. VT is in USD and made for US investors. XEQT/VEQT (both funds are nearly identical but made by competitors) are in CAD and made for Canadian investors.

  47. You're not doing it wrong. I've tried like 1/2 a dozen portfolio tracking apps over the years and all of them were awful. Keep using a spreadsheet.

  48. I find they are good for a single month at a time, but fall apart after continuous use.

  49. This is what I've been doing on my budgeting/net worth spreadsheet. I started it 10 years ago this June. Over 8000 banking transactions. I update monthly by copying and pasting from the previous month. It is time consuming, but kind of interesting seeing the trend lines. The only problem I'm having is Excel is becoming less available due to Office365 bs. I refuse to get a subscription and don't work so I've been using Excel from Office 2007, which MS will probably drop the hammer on.

  50. You can try importing it to google sheets. Just make sure you don't try and import you only copy. It is unlikely that something will go wrong, but if it does then it will be a disaster.

  51. Why? Do you sell your whole portfolio each January and then buy back in over the year? What's the difference?

  52. I mean, it just makes sense psychologically. The opportunity cost of investing 1/12th of it a month is actually very low compared to the psychological pain that would accompany investing it all at once and then seeing it drop.

  53. Why does the headline use “judicial reform”? This seems like a biased term.

  54. Because that is objectively what it is. You can disagree with it, but the reform is to basically restructure Israeli courts to work like UK courts. That doesn't sound too bad for people uninformed on how UK courts work, but in the UK, the courts are subserviently to Parliament. It isn't like in the US where they are independent.

  55. In Parliamentary systems there are no separations between the De Facto (real, as in not the King) Executive branch and the Legislative branch. The chief Executive in Parliamentary systems is the Prime Minister who is elected by the Parliament, not the people. This means the Executive serves at the mercy of the Legislatures.

  56. How many times do we have to explain it? SVB wasn't bailed out. SVB's equity holders are wiped out. The only ones the government is backstopping are the depositors, and even then that's temporary (as SVB's assets are actually sufficient to cover the deposits, but they aren't liquid enough to be drawn upon without selling them for a discount). The government is stepping in to facilitate a private transaction and the US taxpayer isn't on the hook for a dollar.

  57. Exactly. At best, this can be argued to be an interest free loan, but that loan would be to FDIC, not SVB.

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