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In light of this $GME, $AMC and Robinhood crap...

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  1. I went to look wear to buy one until I saw your comment, very cool!

  2. They look excellent! Do you have LA Salle? Do you sell them?

  3. Thanks! Not CNC, I have the Ortur Aufero 2 laser.

  4. What makes it crappy design? This is a way to capitalize on available space for your ad

  5. A normal EF is 50-70%. 57% isn’t really concerning. Especially considering that EF reading can be subjective.

  6. Maybe I should consider it, but he’s a highly respected and thought of doctor in my area

  7. So was my first cardiologist. I’m no longer with him.

  8. $75 transfer fee. Robinhood doesn’t mean what they think it means

  9. It’s not crappy. It was put together wrong 🥴

  10. You'll want a zero clearance insert for your saw... basically, the hole is the size of the blade.

  11. This is made with 1/2 plywood, 1x4, artificial turf, and netting from a ball bag.

  12. This isn’t crappy design. It’s efficiency in manufacturing. They make one lid and every spice gets the same lid. Not to mention that MANY people reuse these containers for other spices.

  13. Technically nothing is spoiled since nothing is implied

  14. Yes, it is. He says that Luke takes Grogu in the Mandalorian. Not everyone has seen the episode yet. It’s been 3 days.

  15. You have to click on the post to see that, dumbass. The post explicitly labeled "spoilers". If you can't talk about spoilers in a post tagged as "spoilers", then what can you talk about?

  16. Hey keyboard jockey. It wasn’t labeled as containing a spoiler before I posted that. That’s what I was talking about. He edited it to say that it contained spoilers AFTER I commented.

  17. It clearly “doesn’t explain itself”. This isn’t crappy design.

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