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  1. Its great now! Everything healed up around mid December. it was Definitely worth the pain and anguish.

  2. Congrats, and thank you for sharing an update. Glad it was worth it in the end 👍

  3. Have to agree. Oot to Wind Waker era is pinnacle Zelda for me. After that, it gets a little inconsistent. That being said, even Zelda titles where I have a more mixed opinion are still 90% better than most games out there.

  4. Sorry for the super late response. I am at the 3 year point now. I have one hemorrhoid that popped up, but its not causing any blood or pain. Overall, i am much, much better after the surgery. Still gotta stay hydrated to not get constipated, or else there can be soreness after bowel movements. The surgery sucked, but it had to be done. I regret not doing it much sooner.

  5. Thanks for sharing an update. Glad you have gotten some relief from the surgery. Hope to be in your shoes one day when I finally get surgery as well🤞

  6. Sweet, been waiting for this one. This and tomochan meet my rom com quota for the season

  7. Out of curiosity, is this an official puzzle? Search all over google but can’t find anything on it. All the wind waker puzzles I see are 550 pieces of stain glass windows

  8. It’s official, usaopoly has a few legend of Zelda puzzles. This one is older, so it’s not listed on their website anymore, but they are an official merchandise manufacturer for Nintendo. They do a lot of other puzzles for things like movies and tv shows as well.

  9. Thank you for your help. I’ll try to see if I can find it on eBay or something

  10. does anyone know if crunchyroll has removed mob psycho season 3 dubbed because of the controversy? i cant find it on their website

  11. Did he kill half the town by going atomic? It's kinda confusing since the girl standing next to the center of the blast was fine, but the explosion/crater was ginormous

  12. shes dead dead... that trailer was a marvels avenger false trailer

  13. It is the most fucking psinful thing u can imagine except for torture.

  14. This romcom was way better than it deserved to be. Great characters and a beautiful animation style. Definitely surprised how much I ended up liking it.

  15. Now hear me out here, (and this is all speculation as I've not read anything involving the source material) but what if in season 2, the 2 couples swap and season 2 focuses more on shiori and Akari is left playing catchup. Sort of like a flip-flop of how season 1 played out?

  16. Ya I think you're right about them swapping couples. I'm guessing that's what they were hinting at with everyone making it to A rank at the end.

  17. Lol, pretty rare to see underage drinking in anime. Also, how does he get so many things from France if he's in a fantasy world...

  18. Had open haemorrhoidectmy last December, took 4 haemms out, first 15 days were hell, if I had a time machine, i would never ever in my life would get this f***ing surgery, and the current situation is I've got anal stenosis. I really dont know what to do anymore.

  19. Sorry for your troubles. Is anal stenosis where you have difficulty going to the bathroom now?

  20. Yes, it feels tight all the time, and while passing stools, it stings and hurts a lot, feels like I'm opening my whole pelvic area.

  21. Summertime Render. About halfway through, but so far so good. Animation is great and the story really keeps you engaged as the mystery slowly unravels. Can’t wait to finish this weekend

  22. Do the voices just seem muffled to you? I'm not sure why, but I just feel like the audio is off

  23. I haven’t noticed anything. I’ve been listening with headphones though if that makes a difference

  24. I experienced this for a couple weeks after my surgery, but it went away. I think 33% couldn’t possibly be accurate or more people would talk about it here.

  25. Ya I would think so too. What’s kinda weird is that of the people who claimed incontinence, 76% said that they would repeat the surgery, which doesn’t make whole lot of sense imo.

  26. I think that the incontinence side of this procedure is misunderstood. (Incontinence) occurs as the anal walls heal and form back to there natural state. This incontinence is not long lasting at all and goes away as the other side affects or “symptoms” the surgery leaves behind fade away also. I think it maybe part of the healing process.

  27. That’s what I originally thought as well, but this study is about following up 10 years after the original surgery, so I would think healing incontinence would no longer be a factor at that point.

  28. You have to get enough water for the fiber. Too much fiber and not enough water can cause hemorrhoids.

  29. Is it safe to take magnesium citrate long term? Thought I heard it could cause dependency issues

  30. Best of luck to you. Here's some Post Surgery tips for you in case your doctor didn't give you much.

  31. The pain has subsided somewhat, it is now just an unpleasant tight feeling. Bearing down still stings unimaginably but I jump in a sitz bath immediately after and it goes away in 5 minutes or so.

  32. Kinda random, but are you using bathtub for your sitz? Or just those attachments for the toilet?

  33. Bathtub and a palmful of salt. Much more comfortable for me and I didn’t really plan ahead much before it. Honestly didn’t even know what a sitz was until the hour after waking up from the anaesthesia. Thanks for prepping me doc!

  34. How come Carol speaks like she's 5 years old? Is that what Japanese people think British people sound like? Very strange since I usually associate that kind of stuff with burikko culture

  35. ... because that's just what Carol was like in the manga. I dunno, have ask the mangaka I suppose. She was always characterized as putting on a very "sugary babytalk" persona, from what I remember

  36. I think I missed something. How come she broke up with him after he said "I like your fencing style"?

  37. Because she hates her own fencing style and Cid shares the same style as her so when he compliments it, all she can see it as is him mocking her

  38. Sweet, really excited for this one. And the trailer looked really good too. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I kinda hope it’s two cour.

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