News from Good-Snow-719

  1. I dont follow. Do you mean mess? And if so, would what mess with the idle, a p0140 code?

  2. Does the secondary o2 affect afr like since it’s out the way of the stream would the ecu try and compensate and add fuel or air to try and pick up activity from it ?

  3. You know usually how much the turn around time is for this ?

  4. The fuel rail high input may be a clue. If rail pressure is actually too high, negative trims would make sense.

  5. True but only thing that doesn’t make sense about that is that is the fuel pressure hasn’t changed even at idle I still see 427-430ish I toke a video of the car idling this morning wish I could post it here so you could see how it’s acting

  6. Any real way to tell what pressure would bon on the rail through the access port ?

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