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  1. In 24 edo I found I had to just sit down and test chords to find out how they work. I'm not aware of anybody else trying to do a systematic analysis. Based on what I found, I think you should look at progressions involving the 17th, 11th and 7th harmonics (2, 10 and 18 hyperchromatic steps), plus their inversions.

  2. Re: 24-tet, how do you like the 'neutral sus4', i.e. the chord you get by, say, C-F^-G? (where ^ = quartersharp)? In a wide voicing (C-G-f^), imho, it's an underutilized gem. Also, 22-tet has a pretty good version of it as well.

  3. I haven't tried it in wide voicing. In narrow voicings I don't particularly like it.

  4. Does he not live in Russia anymore? I totally understand the attitude, but given how totalitarian Russia is becoming, I'd expect him to be a whiff more diplomatic.

  5. I don't get her obsession with the 3A (from an outsider's perspective). Maybe she doesn't have the stamina for 3 combos on top of it?? But still, if she isn't landing it in practice it's just not worth the risk, she'd get more points from a very well executed 2A and a few 3-2s at the minimum.

  6. Doing the rest of her combos will improve her score, but she's still very unlikely to win. Scoring a few spots higher isn't memorable either for her own goals or for the public but landing a 3A is, so it makes some sense. That said, I *hate* skaters getting hurt and skating on an injury can be very bad (think Stojko '98, urgh) so at this point I wish she'd pack it in.

  7. They did a great job working in the Celtic dance elements. Lots of panache. Thanks for reposting.

  8. I think in general any pair should be able to compete *somehow* and a situation where multiple competitive currently junior pairs are barred from any kind of significant competition isn't acceptable. So yes, this is a good idea.

  9. A lot of speculation and I don't have any info, but I will point out that in the general population flus and stomach poisoning are way more common than panic attacks.

  10. You aren't jumping much with your skating leg. You should bend it more before the jump and straighten it more as you jump.

  11. She gets so much airtime on that lutz she looks like she has to hold her rotations back.

  12. Hockey has been growing in popularity and that is squeezing skating out of rinks, while rinks are being strangled by the soaring price of land.

  13. I find chords rooted on the 11th harmonic (and also on its inversion) can function well as either dominants or pre-dominants, but I find it difficult to use the 11th as an overtone in 24 EDO. The 13th is easier to use there, and most of the time when I like an 11th it's combined with a 13th (the two form a minor third in 24). When the 11th does work I'm usually stepping into it by a quartertone.

  14. What do you think are the differences between composing in 22 and 12?

  15. Can you give a translation of the meaning into English? I'm surprised you can make something musical out of an encoding of a language.

  16. Gotta love the "skates" on the first one. Right skate is a 3-wheeled skateboard and the left is a sideways- pointing stiletto.

  17. And he puts his arms over his head in the Sal, just in case you weren't impressed enough already.

  18. Yeah, that too. I'm sure it's the best of his efforts, but it looks really good - controlled precise, smooth, and even the arms flourish. Really pretty.

  19. You are pre-rotating probably more than desirable, but you also pick well to the right of your direction of motion, which is rotating you further around your toe pick.

  20. 14 is different enough from 12 than it sounds alien or exotic rather than out of tune.

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