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[Charania] Ja Morant has been suspended from all Grizzlies activities after the Memphis star was seen flashing an apparent gun in recent social media video.

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  1. And yes his agent is Rich Paul (Klutch)

  2. When you're with Klutch there'll always be a spot on the Lakers for you. Even Tristan Thompson's washed up ass ended up getting signed. JR Smith too.

  3. Wonder what went wrong with him and Klutch. And leaving just as he's eligible for a max extension...Rich Paul will not be pleased.

  4. Bill Duffy is someone Ant wants continuity with so when Bill Duffy moved so he moved. When Bill Duffy joined Klutch, Ant joined Klutch

  5. Bill Duffy was and has never been with Klutch, and nor did he represent Edwards until now. He had his own agency (BDA Sports) which he sold to WME in 2020 and has been working under them ever since.

  6. I am so surprised after seeing so many documentaries on Scientology and their tactics of intimidation and litigiousness practices that Leah Remini is still around and unscathed. She is fighting the good fight and religion is a poison in most people’s hands as a tool for power and domination. Truly she is the King of Queens.

  7. Scientology had three former police officers turned private investigators (Yanti "Mike" Greene, Ray Ramos, and Saul Roth) stalk her 24/7. In text messages that were disclosed as part of a lawsuit involving Greene's surveillance of another woman he revealed that the cult wanted to kill her:

  8. Not once did his helmet not fall off while sprinting to first.

  9. I know right. Dude comes into this thread all entitled and acts like it's his work when in reality it's not even his and he'd already tried to pass it off as his own. Jesus Christ...

  10. That’s massively paraphrasing. He didn’t admit rape, he admitted he violated people, there’s a big difference. It doesn’t justify his actions, which is the point he’s making and he’s accepting he deserved punishment for his actions

  11. In 2002 Wallace Matthews wrote an article calling him a reclusive rapist. Mike replied back saying

  12. Except he hasn't admitted raping anyone lol

  13. In 2002 Wallace Matthews wrote an article calling him a reclusive rapist. Mike replied back saying

  14. He's gotta be the first player to be suspended from the offseason.

  15. Also worth mentioning that last month the WBA let a 41 year old Liborio Solís fight Takuma Inoue (Naoya's younger brother) for the 118lb belt that was vacant after Naoya went up to 122. Takuma was somehow the WBA's top ranked fighter in the division despite having fought no one of remote significance since getting beat by Nordine Oubaali in 2019 and the same went for Solís who just had victories over journeymen since losing to Rigondeaux in 2020. Both of them were ranked over guys like Donaire, Kal Yafai, and Jerwin Ancajas.

  16. Gotta hand it to the WBA and their special treatment of Haymon fighters. Reminds me of when

  17. No pension. That comes with like 43 days of service time. He does get access to the health plan though.

  18. Pol Pot was responsible for the deaths of between 1.5 and 2 million Cambodians, absolutely insane.

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