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  1. This almost infers Ronnie 2K is a god. Ronnie 2k: "Are you grateful for this small bowl of porridge?" Us: "Yes sir, may I have another?"

  2. People find indie rock that sexy? Weird. R&B is the epitome of sexy. Y'all are crazy. Quick list: Adorn - Miguel / Under the influence - Chris Brown / Let's get it on - Marvin Gaye / Desperately - Vikter Duplaix / Lilioquoi moon - Meshell ndgeocello / Angel - massive attack / lovers rock - Sade / Oops - tweet / what about us - Eric Bellinger / I need you - marc rebillet

  3. I would go Send it On as sexier and obviously the iconic untitled (how does it feel?). But yeah D helps with that good D.

  4. That's sounds awfully anti-Semitic depending on how you pronounce that. So double SUSpect.

  5. I hope not. I already have Pippen at the SF spot, and I'm not one of those people who like to play players at their secondary positions. It really should be a PG, PF, or C for the next Level 40.

  6. Yeah 2k is always stingy with centers. I end up with like 10 high level SGs and SF by the later seasons.

  7. Use auto-rollers sister. They are super cheap and super easy. No shame if it works.

  8. I watched the butt off Andor, but Saul always seemed too derivative of a spectacular IP (breaking bad').

  9. There is an entire skit about this on I think you should leave. "Body after body busting out of shit wood and hittin' pavement' -

  10. I hear and support your post of being responsible with sick children, but a key question that has been crossing my mind lately is: 'don't we need some illness to continue to evolve our immune systems?'. COVID has really lead to a reassessment and fear of any sickness. I think the heart of your concern is more rooted in how weakened our health care system has become from underfunding. Should we keep our kids home with every runny nose and cough? or maybe we should vote out the leadership that perpetuates the underfunding. I am really challenged with this lately. Thoughts?

  11. I hear you and it seems like you are going through a really tough time and I'm sorry for that brother/sister. Honestly I think as Canadians we are subject to this every winter. What is strange to me is we experienced this before COVID and didn't bat an eye. It was part of life before. I think I'm just trying to adjust to this 'new normal', but I can't keep my kids home for every runny nose or cough. Maybe we should align on when we keep them home. My philosophy is if there is a fever, vomit, digestive issues or extremely deep cough, keep them home. Does that make sense?

  12. Great cosplay, but you don't notice just how extra a character is until you see them in real life.

  13. There is always tons of parking there, but there have been GO protesters on weekdays so plan to arrive early.

  14. Is it really that hard to find? I'm fixin to cop it, but haven't checked yet.

  15. But Jack Harlow has options and can pass that b*tch like Stockton. I'm not mad at these at all.

  16. I understand the frustration but they aren’t protesters, they’re striking. Maybe people could show some support for them getting a better contract like they did for the education workers because their work is clearly so necessary for people’s lives to go on.

  17. Thanks for this. To be clear we support their cause, but it makes it more difficult if we can't go to our jobs. Respectfully, the need to block people's commute is a bit unacceptable. Protest all you want we are with you, just let people go to their jobs. The strangest part is that blocking people getting on the train only seems to be happening at that station. Mix it up go to another station, spread the word instead of targeting one location.

  18. Allandale might be a good alternative as it would be nearly impossible for them to block parking there. That being said there's not a whole lot of parking available there.

  19. I'll try that. It's a bit further, but I'm wondering what their presence there is.

  20. I second this. I was going to recommend it. An absolute masterpiece.

  21. My first thought is: given the scarcity and timing I'm worried about what she had to do to get this. Knowing how far i'd go is what scares me.

  22. Cannot stand Meghan Trainor’s music, it makes me want to choose violence

  23. You are definitely not about that bass, so my guess is lofi or classic rock.

  24. Don’t mind lofi, but yeah if I had to pick a #1 genre it’d be rock for sure

  25. Pop is often the antithesis of rock. It's too pristine, too. packaged. Rock is often, raw, uncut, sloppy in the right places and more authentic. That is until it becomes pop.

  26. It has everything, laminated peanut shells on the floor, chefs who have their beards and brows trimmed daily using straight razors, bespoke burger buns where no two are ever the same, individually fried fries that are served only in odd numbers.

  27. ...Dan Cortez. It has the super smash burger. You know that thing where a little person dresses up as Mario and headbutts you when you take your first bite.

  28. That nova deal is a sure thing now I got triples of the Nova

  29. This is actually a great call. He has 2 brilliant albums and basically disappeared once he broke through. I do wonder what happened to him.

  30. He’s been signing and drumming for a few other bands the last decade, and supposedly has a 4th album in the works.

  31. Nice. My experience was I saw him in a tiny venue in Toronto and then his song blew up literally a month later. He is an art for art type dude so happy he's considering putting out solo stuff as he was really innovative. I feel like Louis Cole is a similar type dude. Love them both.

  32. There are no mindblowing ones I have had yet and I've tried pretty much all that are being mentioned. All of them are solid, but for the price and value, the stacked Reuben is solid as well. A lot of places sell the meat like my Baba's Kitchen or Foxes so you may need to DIY.

  33. I am a Buckley Stan. So sad we lost him so early. So real, last goodbye, witches rave, dream brother, grace. Making even one of those songs is impressive.

  34. About 100. I think the rain impacted participation this year. Traffic also full on stopped at 8:00 which was also strange. There are normally a couple of stragglers, but again I think the rain was an issue.

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